Green Topics Update – US Congressional Action on Climate Change August 2022

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What Happened in Green News this Week?

The Democratic Senate has placed a bill in play that would take elements of the Biden “Build Back Better” action that never passed with some odd non Climate change legislation ie incenting more oil and gas drilling. Passage in the Senate took place on August 7th, 2022, The House will most likely pass it as well and President Biden will sign it. It’s oddly directed at Inflation and has other non Climate Change provisions but the Climate Change provisions look juicy and helpful

Some bullet points on important items in the bill:

  • Seed money to grow the US solar industry since many feel the Chinese government has propped up the Chinese solar production capability causing the US to depend on China too much for US solar parts
  • $370 Billion toward Climate Change matters including**:

$260 Billion in Clean Energy Tax Credits

$80 Billion toward EV purchase rebates

$1.5 Billion for cutting methane leaking

$27 Billion for a Green Bank

**Thanks to the Washington Post on 8.7.22 for providing this information although the bill provisions are largely public knowledge

We will keep our attention to this developing situation and update events as they occur.

As of 8.8.22 The Bill passed the Senate, Now it must go to the  House,and to Biden for signature


What Happened at Conservastore this week?

We are proud and happy to offer a broad solution of Landscape solutions derived from recycled rubber tire reuse. We will gladly speak to you about any job commercial or residential large or small Call email or text us and chat us up


What Happened with Green Stocks Bonds and Investments this week?

The aforementioned Climate bill if passed could be quite a boon for many US based Green type business. The extension of the tax credit for EVs would immediately help those US auto manufactures such as GM and Tesla that may have already surpassed the existing targets that allow the rebate to be given. There is guidance on more US solar production but a large portion of the raw materials are to come from US and that may be difficult due to lack of supply chain esablished for those items


Thought for the upcoming week:

Let’s hope this Climate Change bill can be put into law for the benefit of the USA and the world since US policy on climate change can help other countries have the will to meet their Paris COP targets.



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