Rubber Mulch Nugget Bags (30lbs per bag)


The Conserv A Store Recycled Rubber Mulch Nugget offers a great quality and long lasting rubber nugget for all landscaping purposes. This can be used on any landscape int he front yard, backyard, pathways, walkways, dog runs, between flower beds, and mulch more. This item is the rubber mulch ONLY. Binder not included. These bags are sold separately. If interested in bulk pricing please reach out to us.

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Conserv A Store Recycled Rubber Mulch is made from 100% recyclable waste stream content. This Recycled Rubber Mulch Nugget offers a low-maintenance, attractive solution that is safer than other solutions. Rubber Mulch Nuggets also provides a softer surface than traditional wood mulch, sand, or pea gravel. Some believe that with children playing around your grounds- it may be the safest option to have.

Dogs also enjoy having the comfort of laying on a softer material. 🙂


Recycled Rubber Mulch Nuggets does not contain unwanted foreign materials such as cotton, polyester, or steel. We believe in making a superior product that does not harm the environment. It is long-lasting, durable, and does not deteriorate, attract insects, float away, or splinter.

This is an amazing addition to the landscaping options that exist since it does last 5X longer than wood mulch. With rubber mulch mats, tree rings, and general filler; you will not have to re-mulch as often as regular mulch.


If interested in bulk pricing, please reach out to us via email @ so we can offer you our bulk pricing discount for larger and commercial jobs. We’re Glad to quote you.


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***PLEASE NOTE This Rubber Mulch Nuggets are not included with binder; binder sold separately. Please see item here to purchase. 

Instructions for How to Install Rubber Mulch Nuggets at Your site:

  1. Gather the proper tools for your install. Tools such as a rack, trowl, shovel, hoe, as well as fabric landscaping cloth is suggested for best coverage and prevention of weeds growing through.
  2. Prepare the ground where the mulch will be placed. Make the area leveled and/or shape the area as desired.
  3. Lay the fabric if you decided to use it. Cut and Trim as needed
  4. Plant and flowers, bushes, etc now prior to laying the mulch.
  5. Shovel the mulch / Pour the mulch where you want it. Sprinkle it around the area so it will make it easier to spread evenly.
  6. Distribute the mulch over the area evenly as you see fit, fill in the spaces, and even add more layers if it is not thick enough.

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Size: 30 LB Bag


  • 07 03 01 Red Nuggets Bagged 30 LB
  • 07 03 02 Dark Brown (Mocha) Nuggets Bagged 30 LB
  • 07 03 03 Light Brown (Saddle) Nuggets Bagged 30 LB
  • 07 03 04 Black Nuggets Bagged 30 LB
  • 07 03 05 Green Nuggets Bagged 30 LB (Premium color)
  • 07 03 06 Blue Nuggets Bagged 30 LB (Premium color)