MINI MEGA Landscape Edge Border


Perfectly SIZED 6″ wide by 20 ft long and 1″ thick. It’s a MINI Recycled Rubber Edge Border that helps those who have a long run that other solutions just aren’t getting it done or will not last. We offer Brown, Black, Red and Rainbow standard colors.  Premium colors now available- See Below.

Made in the USA, better yet made in FL.

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The MINI MEGA Landscape Edge Border of Recycled Content

6" wide by 20ft long and 1" thick

One of the BEST Edge Borders and offering solutions to those with a really long hedge row that needs to be differentiated from that which it borders be that grass, loose mulch, stone, any material really


For 2024, this MINI MEGA Landscape Edge Border comes in premium colors that are harder to source. (CYPRESS / GREEN / YELLOW / RUSTIC / JUNGLE).  

These are price 15% higher than our everyday colors and will take at least 3 weeks to produce. If interest send us an email or call and we will help you place the order. 


The MINI MEGA Edge Border is Big but SMALL! It’s bigger than the normal Edging, but smaller width for better edging capabilities. It’s great for landscape designers becuase the MINI edge border provides both

  • VARIETY. Shape, size and form of selections to be diverse in order to create visually interesting techniques
  • BALANCE. Everything that is placed in a design will carry a certain visual weight with it in comparison to the items around it.


The MINI MEGA LAndscape Edge Border is one of the best landscape edging due to its durable recycled rubber material and can offer a great garden border


Thinking of doing the install yourself?

The  material can be cut into sub pieces at the point of install

This border a bit too large for your job then we have a smaller border as well here

Don’t forget your tree rings to finish the job while you’re in the area-see here

This guy here did an amazing job re-planting the edge of his home to begin to drain properly. You could do this with our Pour in Place Rubber Mulch or place the MEGA Edge Border with a thinner strip next to the area between the home and grass. 


Here’s a write up about landscaping and how to properly drain your yard


PICK UP AVAILABLE IN ORLANDO AS WELL AS OTHER PRODUCTS! Call 407.898.2284 for further details...



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Extremely Easy to Install – Can be done in less than 30 minutes, depending on specialty with gardening.

Of course you can cut it with a long blade utility knife(we recommend Dewalt) or an irrigation/pvc saw.

Please wear gloves so you are safe

You may want to dig out the soil a 1/2 inch or so allowing the mat to sit right down in place. You can always nail landscape spikes into the soil to secure the border and help hold it in place during inclement weather. It is a 1 inch thick border so do be mindful that if you want it to lay even with the grass height, measure/dig one inch deep for best placement.


1.0 GPF Toilet Premier Elongated HET with Comfort Height Slow Close Seat

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Check out the video below for a comparison of our edge border to a popular competitor. See the difference.


    • Protect your longest beds or veggie garden from grass intrusion
    • You’ve got a great landscape contractor but darn can’t he or she really over whack with weed whacker areas near the house or your porch screens and the house exterior is being damaged. Put this down and the house will be protected
    • Got a long run under a roof eave that’s ponding or creating a ditch during a rain–put this down and your done
    • a pathway
    • a mat up against garden beds to deter water collection
    • keeps away pest
    • padding while on knees gardening

Should you need the specifics about the product make-up; please review the documents below.

Material Safety Data Sheet 

ASTM – 1.5 inch

Flammability Pill



Water impact test

Skid Resistance

Rubber Walk Testing


Our Conserv A Store, INC specialty & premium products of molded rubber goods are made in right here in the USA in FL. Our rubber artisans hand craft our product from non-usable recycled tires. It takes time and craft to specially design and produce our molded rubber products- they are NOT made in mass production. Luckily, they offer over a 5 year plus solution to your landscaping requirements. We even have multiple colors for you to choose from to customize your landscaping efforts. As a result of the diligent process it takes to produce our hand crafted products. our pricing has to reflect the important process with curated ingredients which leads to higher pricing in comparison to big box brands. Please be patient when ordering rubber items. 

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