Grey Water System for Landscape Irrigation GL1152SP Flotender


This 115 gal Greywater reuse system with drip irrigation takes water from two showers and one bathtub and uses it to water your plants.Call us for better pricing

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Why use Greywater Irrigation? Because it saves you money on your water bill!

Using recycled greywater for landscape irrigation can reduce
your residential water usage by an average of 32%.Connect up to two showers and one washing machine to the
Flotender 75 and turn your grey water into usable water for your plants.The Flotender™ GL-75-2SP for Greywater Recycling comes fully
assembled with all internal components installed and ready for use. Performance indicators show when the Flotender and drip system
are functioning properly. To ensure efficiency, this system includes pressure
compensating drip emitters. It will match up with existing homeowner drip

Flotender suggests that you have a licensed plumber make the
modifications for the greywater stub-out in your home. The balance of the
install can be performed by the homeowner.

IMPORTANT The Flotender Greywater Filter is designed to handle
greywater surge only and does not store greywater. Once greywater enters the
system it is immediately pumped out for distribution in the landscape.


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