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Niagara Earth Low Flow Massage 1.25 GPM Showerhead


This Niagara Earth Low Flow Massage 1.25 GPM Showerhead is a great source of water saving in the bathroom and an easy way to begin your water saving practice whether residential or commercial. Happy former customers include Mr + Mrs Jones who just want to cut their own water bill. Megalopolis Apartments who has a $2000 monthly water bill and wants it brought down to improve profit. Neat thing is when you save water you help the planet  Our reason for being Thanks for that!!

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The Niagara Earth Low Flow Massage 1.25 Showerhead is a great item for bathroom renovations, specifically showers. This showerhead offers the user a very relaxing experience while using the lowest amount of water possible with just as much force as a standard showerhead, saving approx. 40% more in water and energy than the normal showerhead in the process. This item is easily installed, corrosion resistant and self-cleaning, allowing it to last for years. The head itself is adjustable so the user can select the speed and range of the water. This item does receive free shipping, and is available in white and chrome. A 5 year warranty is guaranteed for this showerhead.

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Connection Size: 1/2
Product Height (in.): 2.6875
Connection size (in.): 1/2 In.
Product Width (in.): 2.6875
Product Depth (in.): 4.125
Showerhead face diameter (in.): 2.6875

Bath Faucet Type: Showerhead
Included Components: No Additional Items
Color Family: White
Number of Spray Settings: 3
Color/Finish: White, Chrome
Number of showerheads: 1
Faucet type: –
Returnable: –
Features: Adjustable Stream,Low Flow,Self-cleaning Nozzles
Spray Pattern: Adjustable


2 reviews for Niagara Earth Low Flow Massage 1.25 GPM Showerhead

  1. conserveadmin

    Thank you for the suggested links to other possible sources. I am very impressed with your excellent customer service. You have been very helpful.
    Thank you again,
    Ron from Canada

  2. Evana Rivera

    From NG in Fullerton Ca
    “Thanks to James for all your personal calls to solve my issues and helped with our Apartment Complex Water Saving job!”

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How to replace a showerhead
Items you will need:

  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Slip-joint
  • New Showerhead
  • Teflon Tape
  • Electrical Tape

1. Detach the old showerhead

a. Turn the current showerhead counter-clock wise with your hand to remove it.
i.If completed, go to step two.
b. If not, locate your slip-joint pliers and wrap its lips with electrical tape (or a hand towel around the arm of the shower to protect the color/finish from damage). This step is to get a better grip.
c. Grip the arm of the shower with the pliers.
d. Locate your adjustable wrench and begin to slacken and unscrew the old showerhead.
e. Dust off any rust or mineral deposits from prior showerhead.

2. Wrap the threads

a. Wrap Teflon tape around the threads or the arm of the shower two to three times (for security) in a clockwise direction.

3. Installing a new showerhead

a. Screw the replacement showerhead in a clockwise motion tightly onto the shower arm
b. Turn on your shower faucet and review your new showerhead for any inconsistencies or leaks.
c. If there are any leaks, re-wrap the area with more Teflon tape and re-tighten with an adjustable wrench until leaks stop.

Buying a Showerhead or Knowing which one to purchase can be a hassle and a sea of confusion. Here’s some tips and information to consider when shopping:

  • Showerheads use to use 5-8 gallons of water per minute – this is why it’s a good idea to get a new and updated one
  • Lowest Flow water reducing shower heads can come in gallons per minute(gpm) as low as .5(link to on up to 1.5gpm. If you’re above 1.5 gpm you’re not saving water!
  • the less water you use the less heating and energy is required to heat the water
  • low flow showerheads will feel good at both high and low water pressures, you lose no pressure when changing your showerhead
  • The restriction in the showerheads still optimize water pressure
  • Replacing a showerhead is not complicated and can take less than 10 minutes
  • Most low flow showerheads allow flexibility, you don’t have to worry about having a mounted showerhead that doesn’t move
  • You will not lose style with changing a showerhead; there are plenty of choices, it all depends on what you are looking for. As long as you are looking for low flow, you will find a showerhead to meet your needs
  • Prefer a handheld model, we offer those too!
  • If you find a showerhead more than $20 you’re in the wrong store. Just show with us instead
  • Showerheads that are low flow can also offer different water streams for what you need to do, wash you hair, rinse your skin, etc

Reduce your water bill with these 10 steps! #Frugal #savemoney

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