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.35 GPM Water Saving Faucet Aerator

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.35 GPM Water Saving Dual Thread PCA Faucet Aerator can kick off your water savings today. Easily installed and affordable you’ll be conserving water at once. We offer this aerator as single item, in a 6-pack and in a bulk pack Property Managers-Quantity Discounts available for 10 or more 6-packs


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.35 GPM Water Saving Aerators are Great for a Commercial setting such as Apartment complex, Office building or Educational Institution but can still be used by the homeowner with interest in water saving


Our .35 GPM(gallon per minute) Water Saving Dual Thread PCA (Pressure Compensating Aerator) Faucet Aerator was developed to save water and money in your home. This low flow faucet aerator can save up to 75% of the energy wasted using a traditional 2.2 GPM aerator. The faucet screen is dual threaded and has a needle spray head. Most customers like the pressure and the spray provided by this low flow faucet aerator because they do not lose any pressure when making the switch but save a lot of money. The item can be used as a replacement for both bathroom faucet aerators and kitchen faucet aerators, making it a staple low flow fixture for your faucets at home. We bring the .35 water saving aerator to you from both NEOPERL or Niagara Conservation. With its chrome finish and pressure composition make up, this aerator is durable and stylish to accompany any bathroom or kitchen renovation. This aerator can be bought as a single fixture or as a six-pack or a bulk case

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Read more about faucet aerators including thread types, flows of water, and an installation guide at the link below.

Low Flow Faucet Sink Aerator

The Different Type of Aerator Flows:

Low Flow Aerator Comfort Aerator: Aerators introduce air into the water stream to produce a larger and whiter stream that is soft to the touch and non splashing. Aerators are the usual choice for residential faucet applications




Laminar Stream

These aerators are straighteners and an non-aerated water stream. Ideal for high flow applications or health care facilities (no mix of water and air) These laminar spout end devices deliver a crystal clear and non splashing stream.



Spray Stream: When the flow rate is too low to produce an aerated or laminar stream, a spray device is used to produce a miniature shower pattern to provide full coverage of the hands during washing. Sprays are recommended for use in public lavatories.




Rain Spray Stream
The Rain Spray offers a special washing experience. Numerous little nozzles join forces to produce an extensive, abundant and pleasantly effervescent stream of water – a shower sensation for your hands




Mikado Stream (Design)

The unique Mikado stream turns the water into an eye-catcher when washing your hands. Its extraordinary, grid-like spray pattern – formed by individual water jets – makes for a clear, delicate and harmonious design.


Aerator Videos to Educate You

This Video Explains How To Save Water With Low Flow Faucet Aerators

How this Aerator will Work

Water Saving Technology in Your Aerator

Why You Should Change Your Aerator

  • Spray water stream
  • Low flow rate: 0.35 gallons per minute
  • Lead Free
  • Water Saving
  • Solid brass Manufacturing
  • Chrome Finish
  • Product Depth: 0.925 in.
  • Product Height: 0.729 in
  • Product Width:0.925 in
  • Product Model Number: N3205
  • 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • California Energy Commission Certified

3 reviews for .35 GPM Water Saving Faucet Aerator

  1. Eric

    Product gave me extreme water saving for the home. May not be for everyone but it will really make a dent in your water bill espcecially since we are in a drought stricken area it helps a lot. Didnt believe it until I saw the changes or three months of bills and staying strict to the guidelines on our water restrictions. Really helped a lot

  2. Toban


  3. conserveadmin

    Thank you for the suggested links to other possible sources. I am very impressed with your excellent customer service. You have been very helpful.
    Thank you again,
    Ron from Canada

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Steps to replace your aerators:

Installing faucet aerators on bathroom, kitchen and laundry faucets can cut their water use by 30 percent without compromising water flow and is the easiest plumbing repair in the book.

  1. Turn off the water supply to the faucet or really you may just make sure the faucet handle(s) are in the close position which should be good enough
  2. Unscrew your current aerator by turning it counter-clockwise. If you need to use a wrench, make sure to protect your faucet with tape or a rag so it doesn’t get scratched. Clean the threads of the faucet spout with a cloth.If your old faucet aerator does not unscrew, consider investing in a new faucet. You will most likely still be able to use this 1.0 gpm aerator on the new faucet since most faucets do not come with this low of a flow out of the box. You will soon make up the cost of the new faucet with savings on your water bill.
  3. Twist the new aerator clockwise into place. Avoid using a wrench that could scratch the new aerator and faucet.
  4. What a snap-congrats you’re on your way to saving water immediately

Customers ask:

Q: Is it hard to switch these aerators out?
A: Not at all! View our installation panel and our video

Q: Do I need bubble stream or laminar flow?
A: The answer to this question lies within your desired location of installation. The picture below can help you determine what flow you’d like.

A laminar flow presents a non-aerated water stream. This would be great for environments where heath and cleanliness are priority (i.e health care centers as well as culinary kitchens and spaces. This aerator will provide you with a sanitary, no splash zone in your sink.

An aerated stream allows air into the water flow. The look of this steam is whiter than regular faucet stream and provides a softer touch when running. This type of flow is usually installed in homes and other residential places.

A spray flow is a combination of both. This would be great when rinsing off dishes to put in the dish washer. It quick and efficient. You will see this type in various places from home, to outside faucets, and restaurants.

Q: Do these fit the no lead requirements for potable water in the USA today?
A: Yes.

Q: Does not contain any unplated brass components?
A: No.

Q: What else can these aerators be called?
A: Some people may refer to them as nozzle, faucet nozzle, needle spray, bubble spray, nozel nossle, or airator

More Info

• High pressure .35. GPM flow rate
• Flow control construction of long lasting Celcon plastic
• Innovative dual-thread system to accommodate both male and female applications

• Saves 55% more water and energy then a standard 2.2 GPM aerator – that’s 13,140 gallons of water annually!
• Housing constructed of solid brass with highly polished chrome finish
• Includes housing, flow control, tamperproof screen, and all other parts necessary for proper installation and operation
• Internally and externally threaded with 15/16 x 27 threads outside and 55/64 x 27 threads inside
• Meets or exceeds ASME standards
• California Energy Commission Certified

We ship either of AM Conservation or Neoperl depending on stock on hand