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Low Flow 2.50 GPM Button style Soap & Soak Shower head


This low flow shower head is rated 2.50 GPM(gallons per minute) but offers great water savings for hotels, motels, or property managers due to the trickle only button. Alls you need to install is a wrench/pliers and teflon tape. 3 pak price is $32.97 and  there’s a 25 pak price please email for this All are Free Ship!

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• .Even though this is a 2.5 gallon per minute(GPM) shower head the Push button feature allows you to slow the flow to only a trickle when depressed The full flow can be returned by pushing the button the other way. This feature makes the actual amount of water used quite less than 2.5 gpm

• Solid brass composition means you get a heavy long lasting head

• The water flow at full strength is very strong so you get ability to rinse your body, depress the water saving button to soap up, then push the button again to rinse off. The patented Win Win


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  1. Sleek, modern styling fits with any decor.
  2. Sturdy all brass construction.
  3. Popular with homeowners, property managers and hotel/motel owners too.
  4. Easy to adjust and installs in a couple of minutes.
  5. Non-aerating spray means less temperature loss with maximum energy savings
  6. Conserves thousands of gallons of water and hundreds of $$$ in energy costs.
  7. Super Money $aving efficiency – uses a maximum of 2.50 GPM (gallons per minute) at 80 psi.
  8. Maximize savings with built in Soap & Soak valve.
  9. Enhances pressure, performance and appearance.
  10. Consistent flow rate regardless of water pressure.
  11. CSA Certified.
  12. California Energy Commission Certified.
  13. Pressure-enhancing Niagara Power.
  14. Non-removable flow compensator.
  15. Installs easily by hand.
  16. Meets or exceeds ANSI specifications.
  17. Great budget price.
  18. 10-year Warranty.