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Tapmaster Model 1770 EURO Style with Momentary Actuator


The Tapmaster 1770 EURO Style w Momentary Actuator is one of the Tapmasters that can be a great addition to any home or business. Installed on the floor in front of the sink, it can be activated with just a gentle press of the foot. No pressure or stress needed to use this Tapmaster and if you’d like to order more than 10 we offer great Quantity discounts!

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The Tapmaster is an easily installed water savings device which converts any faucet to a hands free hygienic operation. Absolutely no electrical service required. The Model 1770 Euro foot activator provides an innovative and simplistic design to activate your faucet for momentary use. Its unique soft rubber multi-directional activator is easy on your feet and easy to use no matter what angle you are approaching your sink. Simply press the activator in any direction to activate water flow on and release it to stop the water. The Euro activator requires a very light touch making it well suited to use with bare feet. However its durable design makes it equally well suited to commercial, dental and medical settings where ease of use and hygiene is of the utmost concern.

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Tapmaster Installation: Euro Probe activated models


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You will most likely need the following tools for your install:
– A power drill(and possibly hole saw depending on the model)
– Pliers
– A small wrench
– A small spot light for under the sink illumination

We are often asked:

“Can I install the Tapmaster on my own without a plumber?”
The answer is that really depends on your level of expertise. We usually say if you know how to install a kitchen faucet then you should have no problem installing a Tapmaster. If you do choose to hire a Plumbing Professional please ask them to read the directions that come with the unit carefully.

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Customer Reviews from our store

Love my Tapmaster!
By Zangou V
I just have my Tapmaster installed a couple of days ago – it already became my big ‘must’ in the kitchen. It is very functional. Also zero mess around faucet, since I don’t need to reach faucet lever with wet or dirty hands each time I use water. Installation seems not to be complicated (it took my plumber less than an hour). Also the customer service responded very responsibly & professionally. Simply great product!

Best Kitchen product ever
By Clarissa P on September 22, 2012
When we moved to a new house this was the one thing I knew we had to have in our kitchen. Once you get used to turning on the water with your foot, any other way seems archaic. We ordered two this time so that we could put one in a utility room, but now I think I need another for my second kitchen sink. It is a little pricey, but you will never be sorry you installed one!

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