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Touchless Hands Free Sensor Activated Faucet Sloan Valve EAF150ISM


Sloan Valve EAF150ISM Hands free touch free electronic sensoractivated faucet. Battery powered. For your commercial jobs or the kids master bath. You save tons of water!

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We DO quote jobs-please ask us!

If you have a family of four or
more, you need this in the kids bathroom!

Sloan Valve new Optima
EAF-150-ISM Series electronic hand washing faucets operate by means of a dual
infrared sensor and microprocessor based logic.

The modular design incorporates
all of the operating components of the faucet, including the sensor, solenoid,
circuitry and battery above the sink within a die-cast metal spout.

This faucet also has double infrared sensors with automatic setup and indicator light as well as self adapting sensor technology. The Magnetic Solenoid Valve also helps with the water connection flow and stoppage. The 6 Volt Lithium 2CR5 Commercial battery is included as well as a 3 year warranty.

Please inquire if you have any questions, we’d be glad to help.

ISM models feature an integral temperature control lever which allows the user to adjust the water temperature.
This adjustment can also be converted to a fixed setting. EAF faucets ordered without the ISM variation must be connected to a single, pre- tempered water supply.
The i.q.-Click feature allows the user to place the faucet into optional function modes, including “continuous run” and “temporary off” simply by pressing a button on the spout.


For the installation of this product, we strongly suggest you consult a licensed plumber unless you have great handy man skills.


More Info/FAQs

Sensor Activated, Electronic, Chrome Plated Die-Cast Metal, Hand Washing Faucet with the following features:

* Modular One-piece Construction with all Concealed Components above deck

* Double Infrared Sensors with Automatic Setting Feature and Microprocessor

* Low Battery Indicator

* Magnetic Solenoid Valve

* Water Supply Connection with Flexible High-pressure Hose and Strainer

* Optional Remote Control for Setting Sensor Sensitivity and Flow Time

* Includes 6 volt Lithium 2CR5 Commercial Battery or 6 Volt DC Plug-in Transformer

* Appropriate Mounting Hardware included

This is battery powered but electric powered is also available.

Specification Sheet Please clik here


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