Conserv-A-Stone Flexstone Rubber Garden Stepping Stones


The Conserv-A-Stone Flexstone Rubber Landscaping Stones are ideal for any garden walkway, pathway, or home courtyard. These natural looking garden accessories come in a variety of colors and are easily installed. Our prices are per 5pk. Our offering of colors: Kentucky Grey, Black, Rosa, and Sandstone! FREE SHIPPING!

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Conserv-A-Stone Flexstone Garden Stepping Stones are easy to place in your yard and because they’re made of rubber won’t crack like concrete stones

These Recycled Rubber Garden Stepping Stones are a very interesting addition to the garden for anyone. Create your very own walkway from recycled rubber materials that will add variation of stones for your walkway and no more muddy areas where the grass has been broken and damaged. Walk through your garden with ease. WE are the ONLY place you can get color Flexstones!

We offer as a  5pk–if you need a bunch reach out for a special quote

Recycled Rubber Garden Stepping Stones are SAFE!

Did you know using Recycled Rubber products is better to use than regular products: 

The Conserv-A-Stone Flexstone Landscape Stones are an excellent addition to any landscaping property. Because other brands are not as thick as ours, these are not only sturdy, these are also light weight individually. These “green” stones are eco-friendly, natural looking, fairly light and come in a variety of colors. They can easily place in garden walkways, courtyards, and pathways. Most importantly, you can also use these in connection with our poured-in-place applications. These items are easy to install. The landscaping stones are a quick option to renovate a grassy space without buying other landscaping materials. As an alternative to normal garden stepping stones, The Conserv-A-Stone Flexstone Landscape Stones gets the job done to update your garden or patio with a durable product that requires little to no maintenance. These are not sold individually.


  • 1/2 Thickness
  • Decorative Molded Stone Pattern
  • Easy to install, clean, and maintain
  • Will not mold, mildew
  • Will not attract or harbor any insects
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% recycled rubber

These go great with our Pour in Place Rubber Mulch

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Installation shouldn’t take much. The Conserv-A-Stone Rubber Garden Stepping Stones come complete and only need to be placed. Can be placed in rocks, sand, dirt, grass, or pre-dug out areas. Most people buy the stones, measure the area around the stone for precise measurement, dig out a very shallow space where the stone is to be placed and then press down slightly and the stones will stay in place. Don’t let the weight or size of the Garden Stepping Stones make you uneasy. These are easy to place, move, and add more as you go if you discover the 5 pack is not enough. Please always be aware of what you can and cannot do in order to avoid hurting yourself. Ask a partner for help always! We want you be safe and ensure happy customers. Below there are some easy to follow steps for installing stones in a pathway of your choice:


  • Hand Shovel or Garden Plow
  • Water (to break the ground in case it’s hard and unmanagable)
  • Leveler
  • Gloves
  • Stepping Stones

STEP 1: Prep the Area

Place all the stones, according to where you want to have them set so you do not have to dig twice. Use your shovel to make marks to see how wide you need to dig. Dig up the grass under the stone so that it lays flat on the ground. 1/2-1 inch is all you need to dig deep enough.

STEP 2: Place the Stone

Place the stone where you dug out the area and use the leveler to see if the stone is placed evenly on the ground. If it is not, use the dirt you just dug up and pat down to which ever side is not even. Keep doing this until satisfied.

STEP 3: Repeat

Continue to place, trace, dig, then place each stone until your pathway is complete.


Should you have trouble, there are some videos below to give you an idea of how to place stepping stones.

  1. A video to see how to place Stepping Stones

2. See below some of the gardening ideas for Stepping Stones in a Garden

These only come in packs of 5. We cannot sell them individually. Please be advised. Some of the shapes will vary slightly but only to ensure a more natural look. There are Recycled Rubber Mulch Flexstones made from recycled tires, so the color variations will be slightly different as well but not too much to deter from enjoying the stones. Here are some additional information details below.

  • 1/2 Thickness
  • Decorative Molded Stone Pattern
  • Easy to install, clean, and maintain
  • Will not mold, mildew
  • Will not attract or harbor any insects
  • Ships From the Lower East Coast
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% recycled rubber
  • Irregular shape is approx. 17″ x 18-1/2″ at the widest points
  • Diagonal measurement (corner to corner) is approx. 23″ L x 20″

More Info/FAQs
What colors are available?

Our most popular is BLACK currently. We have visual aid of how some people have used the stones in the past in grey. We are testing out other colors but order placement would need to happen first before final answer can be given. Please reach out if there is a color you are interested in that we are not currently offering. We hope to have more new colors by next year.

Are they all the same size?

No they are mainly in the same sq footage but vary in shapes. They are made to look more natural and unique than consistent by shape. If you order a lot you will see shapes repeat but not in a set of 5. It is unlikely.

Can I purchase one?

No, We only offer this item in sets of 5. For example: 5 10 15 20 25 30 etc Should you want to order more than 50, we will offer special pricing for bulk buys.

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