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Our product is 6″ wide and 1″ thick and 10 ft long. IT IS much thicker and more solid than others in the marketplace and IS made in the USA in Florida! It’s thick but still carries a weight that can be easily moved around and easily cut to the size you need in your yard or garden. We offer the product in 4 colors. It also qualifies for Free Shipping directly to your door! This is perfect for the backyard gardener or anywhere in your yard to create a border. Premium colors now available- See Below. We offer pick up in Orlando for your convenience-Please see the Additional Info Tab

We now offer one of the largest rubber edge borders made The MEGA Edge border–Click here for that please

Think you’ll need more than one? We offer a limited 5 piece price DELIVERED at $310! This $310 price is only for 5 pieces(and multiples of 5 pcs) and already includes freight in the USA. Should you need a bunch we will design a quote specifically for your situation, please email us at info@conservastore.com for details.


Made in America, better yet right here in FL

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Edge Border Recycled Rubber Mulch Mat by Conserv-A-Store. Why do you need a few rolls in your garage or storage shed at all times

So Flexible and so versatile the Edge Border Recycled Rubber Mulch Mat by Conserv-A-Store can be used in so many spaces around the garden or back yard. We’ve had a lot of commercial landscapers find solutions with this product as well for areas around commercial rentals and office properties.

The Conserv-A-Store Edge Border for these exact measurements is a Conserv-A-Store exclusive we are happy to be able to offer  you.
creates a 6 inch border around landscape beds and gardens, eliminating the need for edging.

Our product is 6″ wide and 1″ thick and 10ft long. It IS much thicker and more solid than others in the marketplace currently and IS made in the USA. But still of a weight that can be easily moved around and easily cut to the size you need in your yard or garden

Edge Border looks like traditional wood mulch but is made with 100% recycled rubber. Edge Border is extremely durable and significantly outlasts wood mulch. It is also highly flexible, allowing you to create a border that follows the natural curves of your landscape.

Even if you could lay bark mulch in perfect circles or borders, it would soon look ragged or need replenishing.

These edge borders always look crisp, because they can’t be scattered. The rubber edge landscape border can also be used for garden edging or so many other small pathways. What can you think of for your next gardening project.

It is available in Brown, Red, Rainbow, and Black 

For 2023 we are happy to offer you premium colors that are harder to source. (CYPRESS / GREEN / YELLOW / RUSTIC / JUNGLE). These are priced 15% higher than our everyday colors and will take at least 3 weeks to produce. If interest send us an email or call and we will help you place the order

Think you’ll need more than one? We offer a 5 piece special price delivered in the USA free ship. Choose 5ea or multiples in the cart at checkout please 


* Eco-friendly – 100% recycled rubber

* Easy to use

* Perfect for corners / tight edges 

* Protects from mower damage

* Contain at least 80% recycled tire rubber

* Complement most landscapes

* Allow one pass mowing to eliminate weeding and trimming

* This item is 6in 10ft long and 1in thick

*10 pound weight

* Proudly Made in USA–Better yet it’s made in Florida




4 reviews for Edge Border Recycled Rubber Mulch Mat by Conserv-A-Store

  1. Donna (verified owner)

    This is perfect for the area i wanted.Easy to place.

  2. Miranda

    This edge border was much better than the other ones in the past I have tried. This border comes in a box that’s rather heavy which made me feel that it was a better lasting and long last material. The weeds don’t really get through. The weight of this one vs the one I bought before this was throw out because it was ripped apart through continuous use. I’m sure this one will last a whole lot longer and it’s much better.

  3. conserveadmin

    Martha from Lexington, KY
    Removing and replacing railroad ties are so cumbersome, so putting a top over them would be really beneficial. I’d like to use this on top of old railroad ties on a playground to cover the cracks that typically occur. I have a small school with 2 playgrounds that had existing railroad ties. Will try these for that project

  4. conserveadmin

    Thank you for sending them over promptly. I appreciate it. I actually talked to the client last week and they love the rubber mulch product. Thank again. ~Joseph L.

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Very Easy Unroll it and place it or cut it to size for your given requirement
U can cut it with a long blade carpet knife or a very fine tooth saw like an irrigation or pvc saw
Please ALWAYS wear gloves!

Here’s some Past Installations:

Sharps Landscaping Bristol PA

We welcome your pickup in Orlando, Fl  at our warehouse if you wish to prevent a freight bill. The warehouse is about 5 miles south of the Florida Mall(Sandlake and 441) right off the Fla Turnpike Exit Milepost 254 which is US 441(S Orange Blossom Trail). Is the 441 exit off the 528 and about 5 miles east from I4 and 1 mile west from S Orange Ave near Meadow Woods SunRail Station  You’ll need a pickup or van and we ask for 2 days lead time to be ready for you. You pay before pickup and there is a small pickup fee but personnel will help you load up.

The real advantage of this product is its light weight and it can be cut. If you are a more mature gardener and are sick of hauling 50# bags of mulch around this is your solution.

We find that some of our customers use this item to separate their Blueberry Patch, Vegetables, and other gardening requirements for easy layout design. It’s a reminder to the yard service to stay away from this area with your mowers.

Grass Growth is possible but very minimal. Most customers prefer to get a sharp blade garden tool and cut the grass very low and place the mat on top. The weight of the mat will distribute over the grass taming the possible of more thicker growth. To completely prevent growth of grass, customers will dig until dirt and overturn the dirt in the desired area in order to place the mat in the dug up area for long lasting placement and prevention of grass and weed growth. If you have any tips or tricks to offer please send them to info@conservastore.com/conservastore- We’re here to help.

If you have more questions, try checking out our Blog on Rubber Mulch FAQ’s

Should you need the specifics about the product make-up; please review the documents below.

Material Safety Data Sheet 

ASTM – 1.5 inch

Flammability Pill



Water impact test

Skid Resistance

Rubber Walk Testing


LOOKING FOR FAQs ——>>>> Check Out the Podcast About Rubber Mulch here!