Make Your Own Recycled Rubber Mulch Tree Ring Mat Heavy Pattern

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This solution is unique to Conserv-A-Store –you can MAKE your OWN TREE RING
Heavy Weave Tree Ring mulch mats relieve the homeowner or landscaper of needing to worry about mulch blowing away in the wind or washing away with the rain.

Made in America

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Make Your Own Recycled Rubber Mulch Tree Ring/Mat Heavy Pattern

We find some customers have some very large trees they want to encircle with Recycled Rubber Mulch and the traditional molded sizes we offer of
24″ Rubber Mulch Tree Ring
36″ Rubber Mulch Tree Ring
48″ Rubber Mulch Tree Ring Heavy Pattern
60″ Rubber Mulch Tree Ring Heavy Pattern
are not satisfactory for their solution

Say you have a large oak or pine that is up to 4 ft diameter. Most tree rings will not cover the area around the tree since it is too large. You’ve tried loose wood mulch and it falls apart during heavy rains, you’ve tried rock and it works pretty well but is hard to blow off with a blower.

Pouring you own rubber mulch protective ring will be the permanent solution we assure you.

With this product you get the bags of rubber and the binder and are able to pour the size and thickness that you desire. You get 4ea 50# bags of rubber and 1ea 5 gal binder(Multiple lots available of course!!) for the $295.95 price. Mix these ingredients in a wheelbarrow at the site of the pour and you can fashion any size and thickness of tree ring you wish

We welcome you to pickup in the Space Coast of Fla or N Ga to waive the shipping cost


Making your own tree ring is not as hard as it looks; with a little time and patience you will easily have the tree ring in one day.

Aren’t you tired of your mulch blowing away? Click here to see what happens

Still have questions? Check out our blog on Rubber Mulch FAQ’s 



1 review for Make Your Own Recycled Rubber Mulch Tree Ring Mat Heavy Pattern

  1. Tony

    Been using Wodd mulch all m life and then ran across this Rubber Mulch stuff -we had an gigantic oak tree in the yard we needed to protect – it has a big trunk and we wanted to cover the roots and stop the weeds from growing – it was a lil difficult at first but it was a great solution to get the job done and looks like ti will last. We can still turn the sprinkler and the water the tree and cut the grass around it

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Please see the video below to learn how to mulch properly and install a tree ring.


You can also read more about installing a mulch ring from our articles here and here.


Pour in Place Mulch for residential use is not as difficult as it sounds. When using our Pour In Place Mulch to create Tree Rings and or Undefined areas the job can be done in a day. The drying time is 24-72 hours depending on heat and humidity but can dry quicker. For larger jobs these directions are similar but you will need a mixer. Here’s what you’ll need and how to do it:


  • 4 Bags of Rubber Mulch with every 1 pal of binder

  • Trowl

  • Landscape fabric

  • Water and Soap

  • Wheel barrow

  • Rake/Hoe/Shovel

  • Scissors

  • Bucket, Duck Tape

  • Plastic tarp or plastic bag big enough to cover wheelbarrow

  • Goggle, mask, gloves up to elbows, clothes that can be thrown away, and apron if preferred.


  1. First clear the landscape to which you want to cover with the mulch. Dig up any loose terrain and weeds. Clear the area with a shovel, hoe, and rake to level the terrain. Make sure to mark the area you want covered so it can be even to your preference.

  2. To prevent weeds and better irrigation, cut and fit to the area landscaping fabric. This is optional but will produce better results.

  3. Line the wheelbarrow with the plastic and tap it down to the outside of the wheelbarrow for easy clean up.

  4. Prepare yourself. Put on gloves, mask, goggles, apron, etc to preference

  5. Pour the first two bags of mulch in the covered wheelbarrow

  6. Pour the binder on top of those two

  7. Pour the remaining two bags of mulch on top of binder

  8. Blend the mulch and binder by hand first and then with tool of choice to evenly coat the mulch with the binder – look for a thick consistency throughout the entire mulch. If you have loose mulch continue to mix.

  9. Once all of the mulch is completely covered, use the wheelbarrow and pour the mulch evenly as possible over the area you cleared. Feel free to use a hoe or rake to maneuver the mulch how you want it to lay.

  10. After you have majority of the mulch in place, form the edges of the area and mulch so you have no empty spaces or gaps and no landscaping fabric is showing.

  11. You can leave the mulch freely to have a more natural look or flatten the rubber mulch to have a cleaner look as desired.

  12. If a more finished look is desired; mix soap and water in a bucket and flatten the surface with the trowel and desired. Dab water onto the trowel and run it across the area to flatten.

  13. Allow 24-72 hours for curing. Once cured maintenance is simple. Mowing and trimming can easily be done closely without disturbing the mulch.

If you’re more visual, please visit Conservastore product #02-0172B for videos on how to install.

– This model does not have a slit cut for putting around the tree–you will need to make your own slit when installing-Sorry

Trying to figure out how many you’ll need for a complete job? Use This Calculator to estimate how much you’ll need.

Need help trying to decide how to proceed. We ask you to:

  • Get your tape out and get some good dimensional information like diameter of the tree–diameter you want to cover around the tree. Thickness you want to cover.
  • It can often help us to get a low rez jpg(ie a very small pic) from you so we can see the area you are working in

– Contain at least 80% recycled tire rubber

– Virtually halt weed growth

– Allow water and nutrients to pass through mat

– Acts like mulch but without the hassle

– Material should last 5 years with good care

– Freight costs can be high on this item-If you want a freight quote before ordering just email or call

Some folks call looking for a VERY HEAVY DUTY tree ring for many reasons.

Maybe the yard service does not care about trees and will run over anything.

Maybe the tree is at a school where students walk and sit around it constantly.

Maybe it is on a slope and needs to be stationary.

Some institutions use these around poles and traffic signs to protect the signs from commercial mowers

This is the Tree Ring Mat we suggest for them and they seem happy post purchase

– Please measure your trees before purchasing

– Yes, this material can be cut and shaped a bit with a utility knife or heavy shears or a fine blade hand saw



LOOKING FOR FAQs ——>>>> Check Out the Podcast About Rubber Mulch here!