Pour Your Own Mulch Mat for Commercial Use

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This price is a standard quote for a 4bag of mulch/1pail binder mix that does about 72 sq ft at 1″ thick. Please send us dimensions and a few pics of your job and your city/zip and we’ll give you a great quote including freight. More you buy the better the price. Pickup available in N Ga or Space Coast or Orlando, Fla (we’d need 3 work days lead time for pickup please)-see Additional Info Tab for more info

Made in America, better yet right here in GA

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Pour Your Own Mulch Mat for Commercial Use puts you in charge for the site solution because it gives you so many options

Rubber Mulch is very flexible, water permeable, and long lasting.  Now you can pretty much put it anywhere to solve so many problems in commercial landscaping and  homeowners back yards thanks to the Pour Your Own Mulch Mat for Commercial Use by Conserv A Store

We offer a 4 in-one Kit that can vary the thickness and the size of the area you wish to cover

Here’s how it works–two materials are required: Bags of rubber mulch, and a pail of binder. Both are included when purchasing the four in one kit.

Here’s Guidance on Estimating a Job

For every 5 gallon pail of binder, you require up to four 50lb bags of rubber mulch. This 1 pail/4 bag combination covers about 72 square feet at a 1 to 2 inch depth so a bit less than $6/sq ft is our highest price

The price here is an estimate for 72sq ft of finished material when using it to make tree rings, rectangular mats, or as the picture above a pour that fits any given situation. That would be the minimum quantity you can purchase. Naturally the more you purchase the better the price. We will gladly quote your job for you-just email or call us with the job dimensions

Mechanics at Point of Install

Now of course the labor cost for application at the point of install will be up to you for mixing the batch and laying the finished product.

We have a few videos showing how it’s done. See the install tab. The install is not hard but takes a knack as do all good installs.. Also you need to respect no rain during and for 24 hrs after the job and temps above 53 degrees during the pour

You’d better allow at least half a day for making mats for 5 trees since there is some curing time involved.

This concept is great for irregular size/shape projects like unique size mulch mats, playground rubber mulch, situations where bulk mulch is necessary, and bike/trail paths, among many others. We’d be glad to help you decide how much of this product is right for you!

You can order one set first and see how that works and then predicate than off of how many more you may need. This options allows you to be your own fabricator. You control the thickness, the width, the length- ALL of that! That’s why the 4 in 1 kit is perfect for all jobs you need to complete.

Some other uses we’ve found for the pour-in-place surfacing include rubber trails and surfaces, running trails or running tracks,pour-in-place safety surfacing, walkways, and really anything else you can come up with. Additionally, this will also great for making rubber floors.

We’ll come do it for you

If you are in Florida or the eastern portions of the USA  and the job is of large enough size say 500 sq ft or more we will come do it for you. We work with crews that can come to your home or place of business. Usually they need about a 4 week lead time. Tree rings, irregular beds, pathways, borders. They can do it all. The cost for labor adds about another 30% to the job cost but you don’t lift a finger except for some prep work. If outside of Florida or eastern USA call us and we’ll try to find a crew to help you.

We Value the Environment

All of the recycled rubber products you find on Conserv-A-Store, including the pour-and-place material you’re looking at on this page are made from colored recycled rubber. This is produced from recycled waste stream rubber and other waste rubber that would otherwise populate local landfills all over the country.

Colors available include evergreen, red (terra cotta), yellow (cypress), and brown (bark) and combinations are available. Indicate the color you wish at checkout. Contact us if you’d like a combination and we’ll work it out for you! The four in one kit will help most contractors with their jobs.

The factories we use are in the USA and employ Americans. The rubber comes largely from tires that are used in America-the tires may not have been made in the USA originally.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: We do NOT recommend this Rubber Mulch for children or animals. It can be harmful if swallowed. Use at your own risk.

Why is Freight so HIGH?



5 gallon pails = 44 lbs
50 lb per bag of rubber mulch

We offer a full suite of Molded Rubber mulch products. Some folks like a mix of the pour in place with some already molded tree rings and mulch mats–please click here


LOOKING FOR FAQs ——>>>> Check Out the Podcast About Rubber Mulch here!


Interested in Why you should Purchase Rubber Mulch over other options. LEED Ranked since as it is eco friendly. Rubber Mulch will also help with construction projects who are looking to earn LEED credits. See Credits below:

Leed Qualifying Points

Regional Materials (MR) credits 5.1 & 5.2- 2 points

Recycled Contents (MR) credits 4.1 & 4.2- 2 points



2 reviews for Pour Your Own Mulch Mat for Commercial Use

  1. Anonymous

    We are very happy with the product (Rubber Mulch Pour Your Own) and it is being installed in the next couple of days. I can’t wait to see when it is all complete. Thank you.

  2. Evana Rivera

    Town of Hackettstown

    Thanks so much for your Green Solution to a Public Works project

    Please thank the kind donors that allowed all this to happen. They’re phenomenal !!

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A commercial job install guide for jobs greater than 400 sq ft. We suggest a small mixer for these jobs. We can come pour it for you if on the east coast if that would help you


These are the tools and procedures for a more residential directed job where a handyman or Ms Smith or Mr Jones can do the job themselves. This video is quite instructive and of a non USA product that we do not offer the exact items but it is a good guide for you on important steps. This is an install on a playground but we offer poured rubber for landscaping only. We suggest a wheelbarrow for a smaller job



Technique and Tools Needed for the job:
Pour in Place Mulch for commercial or heavy residential use is not as difficult as it sounds. When using our Pour In Place Mulch to create Tree Rings and or Undefined areas the job can be done in a day. The drying time is 24-72 hours depending on heat and humidity but can dry quicker. IMPORTANT:No rain during and after the  pour for 24 hrs. For larger jobs these directions are similar but you will need a mixer. Can be rented at equipment supply for an affordable price. Here’s what you’ll need and how to do it:

  • 4 Bags of Rubber Mulch with every 1 pal of binder to make 72 sq ft at 1-1.5in depth generally
  • Trowel
  • Landscape fabric or small stone as a base to pour on
  • Water and Soap
  • Wheel barrow or
  • Mixer from local rental store for jobs greater than 200 sq ft
  • Rake/Hoe/Shovel
  • Scissors
  • Bucket, Duck Tape
  • Plastic tarp or plastic bag big enough to cover wheelbarrow
  • PROTECT YOURSELF: Goggles, mask, gloves up to elbows, clothes that can be thrown away, and apron if preferred.
  • PROTECT THE AREA:  If there are abutting surfaces of importance then cover them well with plastic taped down

Before you begin please pull up your local weather on your phone app for the pour window.
WEATHER:Temps should be greater than 55 degrees during the pour. There should be no rain the day of the pour and for up to 24 hrs after. We have had some coastal jobs affected by high winds so try to keep the windspeed below 10mph

  1. First clear the landscape to which you want to cover with the mulch. Dig up any loose terrain and weeds. Clear the area with a shovel, hoe, and rake to level the terrain. Make sure to mark the area you want covered so it can be even to your preference.
  2. To prevent weeds and better irrigation, cut and fit to the area landscaping fabric. This is optional but will produce better results. Pebbles can work too
  3. Line the wheelbarrow with the plastic and tap it down to the outside of the wheelbarrow for easy clean up. For larger jobs try to line your mixer with a protective material. After clean up can be done with mineral spirits
  4. Prepare yourself. Put on gloves, mask, goggles, apron, etc to preference. Folks it’s sticky stuff
  5. Pour the first two bags of mulch or even less to experiment, in the covered wheelbarrow. If your job is larger pour into the mixer
  6. Pour the binder on top of this by the cup and slowly mix to get the consistency you want. The material will “Talk to you” ie you don’t want it too soupy or too hard. If you grab the mixture and it’s slippery in your gloved hands you’re close to a good mix
  7. Now blend more mulch and binder in an amount to do the size of job you have
  8. Look for a thick consistency throughout the entire mulch. If you have loose mulch continue to mix.
  9. Once all of the mulch is completely covered, use the wheelbarrow and pour the mulch evenly as possible over the area you cleared. Feel free to use a hoe or rake to maneuver the mulch how you want it to lay.
  10. After you have majority of the mulch in place, form the edges of the area and mulch so you have no empty spaces or gaps and no landscaping fabric is showing.
  11. You can leave the mulch freely to have a more natural look or flatten the rubber mulch to have a cleaner look as desired.
  12. If a more finished look is desired; mix soap and water in a bucket and flatten the surface with the trowel and desired. Dab water onto the trowel and run it across the area to flatten.
  13. If a  high traffic commercial area please tape off with Caution Tape so folks leave it alone til dry
  14. Allow 24-72 hours for curing. Once cured maintenance is simple. Mowing and trimming can easily be done closely without disturbing the mulch.
  15. We love pics of your work if you want to forward to us. We will mention your company or make the pics anonymous-your call



As always please let us know or contact us if you need additional information via email info@conservastore.com or call M-S 8a-8p @ 407.898.2284

Pick up available in these locations: N Ga near TN border, Orlando, Fla(near 441 and Central Fla Pkway) or Space Coast, Fla(near Melbourne): Freight can be a bit spendy since the product is heavy. We allow you to pickup at our warehouse locations to SAVE on FREIGHT.
You’ll need a pickup truck or van. We’ll need a good 3 days lead time to be ready for your pickup. Just email or call us and we’ll get it set up for you

Some thoughts on why you consider poured or shredded mulch at all

  • Found in Disney’s Epcot Center and Disney’s Blizzard Beach, where the product has been in place for several years
  • Unitary surfacing consists of a single density pour of colored rubber mulch with a special polyurethane adhesive
  • Provides wheelchair/handicap accessibility while providing a cushion for legs and joints
  • Permeable surface slows down the effect of rushing water
  • Porous, so trees and other root systems have nutrient and water access

If you’re more visual, please see the videos on this product page. The video with the large trowels and mixer is for a commercial job. The video with the sole wheelbarrow is more for residential jobs. We also have FAQ’s on our blog about Rubber Mulch 

If the Pour in Place IS for you please read our blog on the type of conditions needed to get the best pour by clicking here

Trying to figure out how many you’ll need for a complete job? Use This Calculator to estimate how much you’ll need.

Go here for the Pre-Install Questionnaire to help us help you! Click Here

If Pour in Place is not for you and you’d rather have finished product please visit our full offering of Tree Rings and Mulch Mats by clicking here

Landscape Architects, Landscape Designers, Landscape Installers, GC’s here is the submittal data and  Material Specifications

Will say many of these tests are with Playgrounds not landscaping in mind but is best we can offer at this time


No Man Made Recycled Product is 100% perfect. We have had no problems with the recycled mulch made from tires. Should you want an alternative view; please review this for your own judgement. Hopefully our honesty will give you a positive feeling that we want to help
Click Here


We Would be glad to send you a small sample of a molded mat so you can see the consistency of the poured and molded mat and if it will be the green solution you need. If interested, just send your mailing info to us and the type you were interested in and we will be in contact from there. Thank you in advance for your patience and interest in our products!

How it’s made

Conserv-A-Store, in association with manufacturer Rubber Designs, Loose Fill Rubber Mulch is made from recycled tires and is most popular for landscaping options that are made to last for a long time. With adequate care and initial proper installation, this wood mulch alternative requires little to no maintenance for 10 years or more. This raw material originates as 100% recycled commercial waste stream rubber call “buffing.” A buffing sieve is performed prior to the materials being colored and bagged for utmost reliability. We selectively classify our recycled buffing material and sort particle size ranging from 3/8″ to 2″. It is a necessity to have and provide the right combination and sizes so the finished product weaves and knits together by design. The coloring of the rubber material is colored by using our organic powder color coating method that will not delaminate over time. Once the material is colored, it is sealed with our formulated polymer wetting agent, bonding pigments definitively into each other and every particle. You will never see it float away or splinter in your lifetime!

Pour in Place in Downtown Orlando


Examples of Our Work in the City of Winter Garden, FL – First picture is before, Second picture is the after installed Rubber Mulch Pour in Place.


Before - Metal Broken Cover substituting as Tree Protector










Bet the owner of this parking lot is p***ed a bit since they just spent $$$ to have their landscaper add bagged wood mulch to these curb spaces and look what a hard rain did. Rubber Mulch Pour in Place with a binder will go thru any storm or even hurricane or winter snow blizzard with no problems-a permanent solution. A bit higher priced but pour the job and forget it for years to come.



Our Conserv A Store, INC specialty & premium products of molded rubber goods are made in right here in the USA in FL. Our rubber artisans hand craft our product from non-usable recycled tires. It takes time and craft to specially design and produce our molded rubber products- they are NOT made in mass production. Luckily, they offer over a 5 year plus solution to your landscaping requirements. We even have multiple colors for you to choose from to customize your landscaping efforts. As a result of the diligent process it takes to produce our hand crafted products. our pricing has to reflect the important process with curated ingredients which leads to higher pricing in comparison to big box brands. Please be patient when ordering rubber items.    

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