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The Tapmaster is an easily installed water savings device that converts any faucet to hands free operation. The Tapmaster is great for dental and medical offices or those who love to cook.

Everything about the TAPMASTER models you need to know!
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Tapmasters are for everyone. From Dentist, to Vets, to Tattoo Artist, we have a Tapmaster that fit your needs. We have been featured in Garden Web and Houzz for having an innovative product that most people don't even know exist. We look forward to expelling the myth! We are here to provide a Tapmaster for any medical office, or home to fit your needs! If you have a large order, we offer an astonishing ten piece or more price. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for more information. We will gladly quote you an unbeatable price! Give us a call @ 407.898.2284 or shoot us an email at info@conservastore.com. Here are some of the Tapmasters we offer and the different styles depending on what you want!

Tapmaster 1775
Tapmaster EURO Hands Free Faucet Controller Model 1775

The Model 1775 Euro locking foot activator provides an exciting new way to activate your faucet. It's unique soft rubber multi-directional activator is easy on your feet and easy to use no matter wha angle you are approaching your sink at. Simple press the activator in any direction to activate the water flow. In addition, the 1775 model may locked into the "on" position by pushing the activator to either side until it locks. The Euro activator requires a very light touch making it well suited to use with bare feet. However, its durable design makes it equally well suited to commercial, dental, and medical settings where ease of use and hygiene is of the utmost concern. Due to the locking feature, this model is at home in situation where continuous water flow is required such as in a home kitchen.

Tapmaster 1750
Tapmaster KickPlate Activated Hands Free Faucet Model 1750

The Model 1750 kick plate activator is intended to be used in situations where foot control is desirable. It mounts vertically on the toe kick of your cabinet and is available in multiple finishes to ensure it suits any setting. The durable kick plate assembly makes it easy to activate your faucet with a light touch of the toe while also allowing you to lock the activator to maintain flow. By pressing against the vertical portion of the kick plate the water is activated until you release, but simple press down on the top part of the activator and it locks into position. Simply tap the front face to deactivate it. We find the Model 1750 Tapmaster is the most widely used hands free faucet by the Clinical Community including but not limited to Dentist, Physician Offices, Hospitals and Elderly Care Centers.

Tapmaster 1780
Tapmaster InFloor Activated Hands Free Faucet Model 1780

The newest foot operated faucet activator by Tapmaster, the Model 1780, provides an exciting new way to activate your faucet. This model is a floor mounted design, is easy to activate and simple to clean. Stepping on the activator initiates water flow and stepping off stops it. Very little pressure is required to function properly making it ideal for use in residential or commercial settings where small children need to be able to activate the faucet. However its durable design makes it equally well suited to the most intense commercial, Dental and Medical settings where ease of use and durability is of the utmost concern.

Tapmaster 1751 from Conserv A Store
Tapmaster Hands Free Kick Plate Model 1751

The Model 1751 gives you the best of both worlds by combining our cabinet door & kick plate activators in one solution by allowing you to use your knee or your foot to activate water flow. This model also allows you to use the kick plate to lock the water flow on when filling large containers or your sink by pressing down on the angled face until it latches. This will provide continuous flow to the faucet until the kick plate is tapped again to unlatch. It should be noted that with the kick plate locked on, your faucet behaves exactly as it did before the Tapmaster® was installed. As one of our most versatile units, it may also be installed in unique situations such as island cabinetry where having the ability to activate the faucet from both sides of the cabinet is important.

What's so great about the Tapmaster?
Well, the Tapmaster is an easily installed water savings device which converts any faucet to a hands free hygienic operation. And what makes is so great and eco-friendly is Absolutely NO ELECTRONICS required! We offer an array of Tapmasters, no only the ones pictured above, head over to the Tapmaster category and browse out Selection..... https://www.conservastore.com/Tapmaster-s/93.htm

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Customer Reviews

Love My Tapmaster by Zangou V.
"I just have my Tapmaster installed a couple of days ago - it already became my big "must" in the kitchen. It is very functional. Also zero mess around the faucet, since I don't need to reach the faucet lever with wet or dirty hands each time I use water. Installation seems not to be complicated (it took my plumber less than an hour). Also the customer service responded very responsibly & professionally. Simple a great product! "

Best Kitchen Product Ever! by Clarissa P.
"When we moved to a new house this was the one thing I knew we had to have in our kitchen. Once you get used to turning on the water with your foot, any other way seem archaic. We ordered two this time so that we could put one in the utility room, but now I think I need another for my kitchen sink. It is a little pricey, but you will never be sorry you installed one! "

Love My Tapmaster 1776 Cold Water Only by KKS
"In my part of Florida, the cold water tap is rarely colder than 72 degrees, in the summer it is closer to 80. I'm happy washing my hands and produce and doing all other prep task, including light washing, with cold water only. So I saved a few bucks and had the tapmaster 1776 installed, after ascertaining that I could later use parts to convert it to a 1775 if it didn't work out. But it is working out great! I keep the (single) handle all the way over to "cold" and no water flows unless I "tap". If I wanted hot only, I could use the handle to get it. If I wanted to blend, I'd have to engage the tap and adjust the handle. The guy at conserv-a-store was happy to get the friendly and helpful folks from Canada on the phone when I called to inquire, and they all agreed it was worth a try. Tapmaster is one of the things I never would have heard about if it was not for GardenWeb.com and I'm really thrilled about it so I just wanted to share this info. I'm enjoying this so much I may well need to get one for the cleanup sink!"

Which Model Tapmaster do you have and would you buy it again? by Bree
"I've been using the Euro 1775 on my prep sink since November. I consider it one of the best purchases in the kitchen, not only for ease of hands-free use but also for the water savings. Instead of leaving a trickling faucet for prepping certain kinds of veggies (potatoes) or fruits, I use the foot control for quick on/off. Also east to soap up hands with the water off and foot-push to rinse hands. It is absolutely NOT intrusive at all. In fact, when Michelle asked about the visibility a couple of months ago I had to get down on my hands and knees to even see the control. My son probably couldn't reach the faucet control lever to turn the water on for hand washing, but easily uses the foot lever instead. He loves to use it as a magic trick for guest new to the house. So cute!"

Would you buy again? by Clay
"I have a five year old Tapmaster that just turns on/off and locks on if desired I love the thing. It is very discrete, doesn't really show at all. I usually lock it on and use the handle when I have new people in the house if it frustrates them at first, and it is not very sensitive these days: Not sure if there is some aging involved or my technique has changed I think I may just be a little picky with it now. I can turn it on with bare feet or any show, but others occasionally have trouble until they get use to it. I didn't seem all that important or wise to have two when I never had one. At this point, I might spring for a second one or not. We are pretty much used to the differences in the two sinks and don't really think about it being "missing" on the main sink."

Tapmaster vs Motion Activated Faucet by Anonymous
"I have looked Tapmaster up based on the discussion from an earlier thread (linked). I know people like it but this thing is expensive! Kohler Sensate (with motion control) is $600 but other faucets w/o motion control I like are also $500 and up (some are way up) :( This device adds another $300+. I think KWC optional motion sensor device is about that price. Could you give me your thoughts about why you'd choose one over another if you had a choice? "
Response: "Mechanically TM is simple. There's not much to fail and if it does fail you can probably figure out what it is. No electronics involved. You can also use the TM with any faucet, pretty ones or modern ones or ugly ones or cheap ones you pick up on the curb. So for appearances, it's a lot easier to find something that matches your kitchen if you can purchase the faucet separately from the mechanism. I'd be worried that a motion detecting faucet would be as annoying as the ones in the public restrooms and that with all the odd motions that go on under a kitchen faucet, it might not read my mind correctly. I'm probably totally wrong on this and will follow this thread to see how these newer devices are working out in kitchens."

TAPMASTER Installation Instructions

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