Tapmaster InFloor Activated Hands Free Faucet Assistant Model 1780


The Tapmaster 1780 is floor activated. Stand on the activator to start water flow, and step off to stop flow. Perfect for a Dental or Medical office or for your kids @ home.
Hard to find a floor activated faucet for Residential use-This is it

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The Tapmaster Model 1780 is a floor mounted design, is easy to activate and simple to clean.

Stepping on the activator initiates water flow and stepping off stops it. Very little pressure is required to function properly making it ideal for use in residential or commercial settings where small children need to be able to activate the faucet. However its durable design
makes it equally well suited to the most intense commercial, Dental and Medical settings where ease of use and durability is of the utmost

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2 Inline Flow Control Valves
1 Pilot/Actuator valve
1 Floor Activator
8’ Control Tubing
All the necessary hardware for a normal installation.

Plumbers are great folks and much smarter than we are but they sometimes would rather not read directions. PLEASE ask them to read these directions pre install
Thanks CAS

The Model 1780 is intended to be used in situations that prevent other models from being implemented such as pedestal and wall-hung sinks. It is also a big hit in Medical and Dental offices where clean hands prevent disease.

The Model 1786 is like the 1780 but has Hot and Cold Color demarcations-Click here to view this unit