International Shipping

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Which Countries do You Ship To?

We will gladly ship to you if we feel we will be paid-Please see below

Freight can be a wild card and can drastically affect Intl Shipping-Please see below

Dimensions and weights often vary by country-Please see below

Many Canadians, if they live near the USA border find it easiest to drive to a Northern American town and pick up the order. If the case we can ship to a Fedex Office or to a Freight terminal in a bordering USA town and they will hold for your pickup

If you routinely import from the USA we can ship to a USA port of  your choice on the East or West or Gulf Coast of the USA  and let you handle the containerization and all shipping docs

What are my payment choices?

We find Paypal is a good international form of currency. Credit cards can be fraudulent more often but many times are safe. Wire transfer bank to bank is a method for a larger transaction if our bank accepts payment from your bank. Sorry we do not accept Venmo or Apple or Android Pay at this time

How does freight affect an International Order?

Customs and your country’s own rules and regs can increase Intl Shipping costs. Probably is best you send us an email with a  “What if I did this” type of order and we will respond with all charges

How are Dimensions and Weights different from the USA?

Our weights are in Lbs and Ounces and our Dimensions in Inches and Feet and Area in Sq Feet. If your country is metric we can come as close as possible to these dimensions

What is the return policy?

Returning an item back to the USA from a non USA country is difficult and we’d like to try and prevent the need


Please see our Terms & Conditions for more info on how our company treats transactions