Recycled Rubber Tree Rings, Pour Your Own Mulch and Rectangular Rubber Mulch Mats

Recycled Tree rings and rubber mulch mats are great tools to make your gardening projects come true. Yes it is harder to garden and do yard work in the winter in the northern portions of  North America but for those in Central and South Florida, South Texas, Southern California, and Arizona in the USA and central America and the Carribean gardening and yard work are easily a year round pleasure.

We’d like to introduce you to our Recycled Rubber Mulch Products

How To Use Recycled Rubber Tree Rings


The mats are made with a split thru the middle to allow positioning around the tree, But one can easily cut the mat with a pair of shears or small saw to fit many tree sizes. The mats come ready to use from the shipping box.
You may want to dig out an inch of dirt to allow the mats to sit flush with the ground. The 48” and 60” diameters are very helpful for the large trees in your yard or the trees you feel may grow to be large in a few years.
The mats offer many benefits such as saving the time and labor of repeated mulching with loose mulch and preventing the loss of loose mulch due to rain or irrigation drainage.
Tree rings are great in the backyard but are also useful for commercial tree growers and farmers who grow produce from trees that require mulching such as apples. Also they are porous so they will allow rainwater pass through.
For more information about tree rings and mulch mats visit our Tree Ring Mulch Mats Made of RecycledGoods Page 
Protection in All Shapes and Sizes – Pour-Your-Own Mulch!


Bonded pour in place rubber mulch of recycled tire tread is a solution to many landscaping challenges for homeowners, commercial landscapers municipalities for parks and medians.
Conservastore has sold rubber mulch mats and tree rings of recycled tire content for years with great success. We hope and feel we have helped many folks surround their trees with quality product that has extended the life of these trees and saved the homeowner of the time wasting chore of laying mulch sometimes up to three times per year
But there are areas of the yard where a tree ring or mulch mat just will not accomplish the task or solve the problem. We now can offer you a  poured mulch product whose main benefit is it’s ability to be spread in a wide or a non linear area
Bonded pour in place mulch is also perfect for the landscaper doing municipal jobs that have signature trees in parks or public venues such as arenas, stadiums, or school campuses. Pour-in-place mulch is environmentally safe, durable and easy to install! The recycled rubber mulch is comfortable enough for paving hiking paths, but solid enough to use as a wheelchair ramp.
For those looking for landscaping mulch, recycled rubber mulch is perfect for protecting your trees and garden. The durable rubber protects against insects and landscaping equipment, while being porous enough to let water and important nutrients seep into roots. Now, even if you have large trees, or an intricately shaped garden, you can still give your plants the best in protection with pour-in-place!
For more information about tree rings and mulch mats visit our Pour-Your-Own Mulch Mat for Residential and Commercial Use Pages


Rectangular Rubber Mulch Mats – Commercial Uses for Landscape Architects, Landscape Maintenance, Landscape Contractors
These mats are composed largely of recycled rubber car and truck tires. They have NO steel belts included. They are available in red or brown. They are generally 1 inch thick. Available in different  dimensions – please contact us or visit the website for the sizes. Go Now 
Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery of these products depending on the size of your job.

The material is very versatile and has many uses. It can be cut and shaped with heavy shears or a small hand saw.

Landscape Contractors – Offer your clients these rectangular mulch mats to help reduce your maintenance costs and increase account profitability. Use this as an alternative solution to rocks, cedar and pine bark mulch. Reduce your mowing area and watering; protect larger, older trees; prevents necessity of spreading mulch twice yearly.
Landscape Architects – Design this material into your site plans and save your developers and owners money on landscape maintenance costs. May contribute to LEED credits if water saving and reduced mulching can be proven.
Landscape Maintenance Personnel – Perfect for your ongoing accounts to reduce watering costs, reduce mulching expense, have a long term solution to weed control. Perfect for chain link fence rows. Along with it’s sister product rubber mulch mat rings is great for protecting sign poles from commercial mower destruction.
Tree farmers – A great way to reduce your weeding and mowing cost. Lasts up to 10 years with good care. Not affected by mild freezing. Can aid in irrigation since water run off is reduced.
Playgrounds – These mats may be used in playgrounds but be aware that is not their stated use from the manufacturer since children may be hurt a bit if falling on the hard rubber surface.
Small Municipal Airports – For airport runway lights to help with maintenance. You can place the mats(or their sister product, rubber tree rings) around the lights to prevent commercial mowers from damaging the lights and prevent weed growth around the lights. Saves time and money.
How-To Video Resources
Protect your Tress with Pour-in-Place Mulch
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For more Videos visit our Conservastore Youtube Channel 

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