Shipping/Handling and Return/Refunds

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Our Shipping Policy

Shipping and Handling is a cost of doing business for any merchandise company. We do not make a profit on this important expense but basically try to break even

The vogue in the early 21st Century for merchandise companies is to offer Free Shipping. In  cases especially with the smaller weight product we can offer you Free Shipping. The service of Free Shipping on selected items through our store is clearly marked in your cart pre checkout

On larger weight items where the freight changes often we will show you the Fedex shipping cost pre-checkout to allow you to decide if this cost fits your budget

On items whose size and weight is difficult to figure we may put no Freight quote at checkout but will rather call you or email you with an exact Freight quote once we have researched the best deal for you.

Thanks for understanding our policy on Shipping and Handling

Update Jan20


Refunds and Returns

There are times the product you receive from us is not what you expected or does not fit the space or use you want

We will take the product back as long as we can re sell it. There may be a question of how the freight is paid on the return

Just reach out to us via email or phone and let us know what you’re thinking and we will try to make you happy.

We usually offer refunds either to your paypal account or as a check to your mailing address. We are reluctant to refund your credit card since we incur higher expenses for that and it is not immediate

Thanks for understanding our policy on Returns and Refunds

Update Jan20