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Hands Free Faucet

A Hands free faucet just make sense for a large family to enhance hygiene and save water but it can offer convenience to any size family.You live in a 4 bedroom home or a 1 unit apartment a Hands Free Faucet is for you.

Many hands free or touchless faucets such as the Tapmaster are water powered but others such as the Kohler have a long duration battery pack and others can be plugged into a 120V outlet near the faucet

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02-0004 Small Electric Hand Dryer for your Bath by Stiebel Eltron

Why not a Hand Dryer in your master or kid's bathroom? Cut down on hand and paper towel use and save money with this convenient, efficient automatic hand dryer by Stiebel Eltron.

Tapmaster Model 1720 Standard Cabinet Door Activation Tapmaster Model 1720 Standard Cabinet Door Activation

Install on the cabinet door beneath your sink, and activate just by pressing the door with leg or knee. We offer FREE SHIPPING on this item. We prefer to ship to you NEXT DAY UPS at our expense for delivery before 11AM EST time on weekdays only. We hope this helps you choose us for your Tapmaster needs!    


Tapmaster Model 1770 Euro foot activator Tapmaster Model 1770 EURO Style with Momentary Actuator

The Tapmaster 1770 EURO Style w Momentary Actuator is one of the Tapmasters that can be a great addition to any home or business. Installed on the floor in front of the sink, it can be activated with just a gentle press of the foot. No pressure or stress needed to use this Tapmaster and if you'd like to order more than 10 we offer great Quantity discounts!

Tapmaster Model 1750 Hands Free Faucet Controller Tapmaster Kick Plate Activated Hands Free Faucet Controller Model 1750

The Tapmaster is an easily installed water savings device that converts any faucet to hands free operation. It is great for dental and medical offices and hospitals or those who love to cook. You'll be happy that the Tapmaster is made in North America. What a great product for your home or business. Having your hands free and saving water is a Dream situation.

Price: $349.00
Deal of the Day Price: $331.00
Savings: $18.00

Tapmaster Euro Hands Free Faucet Controller Model 1775 Tapmaster EURO Hands Free Faucet Controller Model 1775

The Euro Tapmaster is a unique Hands Free Faucet with a Brushed Nickel finish Euro probe foot activator. It is perfect for the homeowner that loves to cook. The foot probe is so easy your stocking feet are all that's needed to activate it. Please look at the videos and blogs we've provided you for further study before you purchase.

Price: $349.00
Deal of the Day Price: $331.00
Savings: $18.00

01-0079A Touchless/Hands Free/Automatic Lavatory Faucet Sloan Optima Plus or Zurn Aquasense

Battery Operated, Hand Washing Faucet operates by means of an adaptive infrared sensor that is linked to the faucet by a fiber optic cable. We stock Zurn Aquasense and Sloan Optima Plus.

Tapmaster InFloor Hands Free Faucet Controller Tapmaster InFloor Activated Hands Free Faucet Assistant Model 1780

The Tapmaster 1780 is floor activated. Stand on the activator to start water flow, and step off to stop flow. Perfect for a Dental or Medical office or for your kids @ home.
Hard to find a floor activated faucet for Residential use-This is it

Decorative Hands Free Automatic Deck Mount Faucet by Kohler Decorative Touchless/Hands Free/Automatic Deck Mount Faucet by Kohler Model K-7514-CP

Kohler Touchless Faucets offer the user the elegance required to be featured in the master bath. For the environmentally conscious who want quality.  Model K-7514-CP w/ Temp mixer in Polished Chrome

Tapmaster Model 1751 Tapmaster Model 1751 Cabinet Door & Kick Plate Activators

The Model 1751 gives you the best of both worlds by combining our cabinet door & kick plate activators in one solution by allowing you to use your knee or your foot to activate water flow. This model also allows you to use the kick plate to lock the water flow on when filling large containers or your sink by pressing down on the angled face until it latches. This will provide continuous flow to the faucet until the kick plate is tapped again to unlatch.

Touchless Hands Free Sensor Activated Faucet - Sloan Valve EAF-150-ISM Touchless Hands Free Sensor Activated Faucet Sloan Valve EAF150ISM

Sloan Valve EAF150ISM Hands free touch free electronic sensoractivated faucet. Battery powered. For your commercial jobs or the kids master bath. You save tons of water!

Tapmaster Model 1786 In Floor Activator Tapmaster Model 1786 In Floor Activator HWC

Our Model 1786 HWC floor activator allows you to control the water temperature with your feet. This unique feature ensures that you never have to touch your faucet! By stepping on either the blue or red activation points the operator can choose either cold or hot water.

Tapmaster Model 1778 Foot and Door Activator Tapmaster Model 1778 EURO Foot & Cabinet Door Activator Combo

Model 1778 combination Euro foot activator and cabinet door activator. Combine the ease of our cabinet door models with the versatility of our foot activators! Its unique soft rubber multi-directional activator is easy
on your feet and easy to use no matter what angle you are approaching your sink. Simply press the activator in any direction to activate water flow.

01-0805 Moen HandsFree Faucet with MotionSense

With this innovative technology, Moen allows you to control the flow of water without ever touching the faucet  just a wave of your hand! Many finishes and styles.


Hands Free Faucet

We are often asked can I install my own Hands Free Faucet-well guess it depends on your willingness to work with tools. Your sink should be pre drilled for the faucet holes. You may need to attach items like the battery pack to a wall below the sink. If you read the directions carefully and look at a youtube such as the one below you should be on your way. BUT if it becomes too complicated a licensed plumber will install it for you for around $150 depending on your locale.

Hands free or touchless faucets emanated from the commercial plumbing side. You definitely see them in large facilities such as government buildings, airports, arenas, and the like. But if your residential water bill is high ie above $100/mos or you have a lot of folks in your residence then it can help you bring that bill down probably at least $10/mos. In that the faucet with good care will last many months that gives you a pretty quick payback on the investment

Sadly the move to elegance for touch-free faucets has been slow in coming because of their early success in commercial settings but change is coming.
The Moen Motionsense does have a nice look and the Kohler Insight line is not bad looking for your powder room or master bath

How to Install a Touchless Kitchen Faucet