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Rectangular Recycled Rubber Mulch Weed Mat 3ft by 10ft by Conserv-A-Store

Rectangular Recycled Rubber Mulch Weed Mat 3x10
Optional ways to use the Roll Out 3ft by 10 ft Rubber Mulch Mat in Your Garden

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The Conserv-A-Store Original 3ft by 10ft Rubber Mulch Mat Is the Only One on the Market to satisfy your needs in this size and quality!!


Product Code: 02-0045


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Rectangular Recycled Rubber Mulch Weed Mat 3ft x 10 ft

This Recycled Rubber Mulch Mat- Customized by Conserv-A-Store is a necessity for gardeners and eco-friendly customers. This mat, similar to our larger product Rubber Mulch Mat 3ft by 20ft product code 02-0165C; is a smaller version to fit better for smaller areas in length. You can easily cut this product as well with a PVC saw or we can cut it for you at a small fee. This mat is perfect for walkways, boarders, and around trees if you choose. A walkway of this material will be durable and long lasting for high traffic. It's also a comfortable mat for knees while you work and adds some color and protestant barrier for weeds, grass stains, and bugs. With easily permeable materials; water, sun, light and nourishment can still efficiently pass through if needed.

We also customize the cuts and sizes of these type of roll out mats so if you should want a different specific size, please reach out to us @ 407.898.2284 and we will try to get you the best fit at the most compatible price.

Colors are as follows as May2018:

You are not charged freight for this item at check out. We will get you a freight rate and reply with charges but we will never ship til you agree to the freight charge. Freight is very expensive in the USA now for heavy items-we make no profit on freight

Please also check out our Pour Your Own Rubber Mulch as a second option as well. Click Here
- Protects Your Trees From Weeds - Weeds can damage your trees and they make your yard look ugly
- Saves You Time - Once you set it, you can forget it. No ongoing maintenance required so you don’t have to keep going to your trees to clean it up

- Keeps Your Trees Healthy - The mulch mats allow nutrients to pass through them which gives you better looking trees

- Protects Your Trees From Lawnmowers - Lawnmowers can damage your trees if they are too close but with the mats you won’t have to worry about getting to close

- Makes Your Garden Look Beautiful - These mats also make your yard look very clean, tidy, and gorgeous

- Toxic-Free Chemicals – Traditional garden weed killers contain very toxic chemicals that can be harmful to you or animals.

- Great for making rubber floors.

- Nice full weave
- Available in Brown, Red, Rainbow, Black colors
- Proudly Made in USA--Better yet it's made in Florida
- Alternative to Traditional Mulch
- Environmentally responsible
- Investment into Longevity
- Will Not attract spores
- Can withstand all seasons
- Has the Look and Feel of organic matter like wood and soil
- Keeps out Wood Destroying Insects
- Will not decay
- Does Not Float
- Resist Rodent Infestation
- Products made are approved GSA, ASTM, IPEMA

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Price: $129.00
Deal of the Day Price: $125.00


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