Rectangular Recycled Rubber Mulch Weed Mat 3ft by 10ft by Conserv-A-Store


The 3ft x 10ft rubber mulch mat is perfect for walkways, boarders, and around trees if you choose. It’s half the size of the 3ft x 20ft so it can be handled by one person. It adds some color and protestant barrier for weeds, grass stains, and bugs. Premium colors now available- See Below.

We offer Pickup at our warehouse in Orlando Fla to prevent a freight bill–Please see additional info tab

Made in America, better yet right here in FL

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The 3ft x 10ft Rectangular Recycled Rubber Mulch Weed Mat by Conservastore is half the size of the popular 3ft x 20ft mat. Sometimes this is all you need for your personal solution

This Recycled Rubber Mulch Mat- Customized by Conserv-A-Store is a necessity for gardeners and eco-friendly customers. This mat, similar to our larger product Rubber Mulch Mat 3ft by 20ft product code 02-0165C; is a smaller version to fit better for smaller areas in length. You can easily cut this product as well with a PVC saw or we can cut it for you for a small fee. This mat is perfect for walkways, borders, and around trees if you choose. A walkway of this material will be durable and long lasting for high traffic. It’s also a comfortable mat for knees while you work and adds some color and protestant barrier for weeds, grass stains, and bugs. With easily permeable materials; water, sun, light and nourishment can still efficiently pass through if needed.

We also customize the cuts and sizes of these type of roll out mats so if you should want a different specific size, please reach out to us @ 407.898.2284 and we will try to get you the best fit at the most competitive price.

Colors are as follows for 2020:

For 2021 we are happy to offer you premium colors that are harder to source. (CYPRESS / GREEN / YELLOW / RUSTIC / JUNGLE). These are priced 15% higher than our everyday colors and will take at least 3 weeks to produce. If interest send us an email or call and we will help you place the order

This item is currently in a contact us for freight mode. So just give us your city zip and how many and whether or not you’ll need a truck lift gate to get the material to the ground and we’ll get you a freight rate

Please also check out our Pour Your Own Rubber Mulch as a second option as well. Click Here

– Protects Your Trees From Weeds – Weeds can damage your trees and they make your yard look ugly
– Saves You Time – Once you set it, you can forget it. No ongoing maintenance required so you don’t have to keep going to your trees to clean it up

– Keeps Your Trees Healthy – The mulch mats allow nutrients to pass through them which gives you better looking trees

– Protects Your Trees From Lawnmowers – Lawnmowers can damage your trees if they are too close but with the mats you won’t have to worry about getting to close

– Makes Your Garden Look Beautiful – These mats also make your yard look very clean, tidy, and gorgeous

– Toxic-Free Chemicals – Traditional garden weed killers contain very toxic chemicals that can be harmful to you or animals.

– Great for making rubber floors.

– Nice full weave
– Available in Brown, Red, Rainbow, Black colors
– Proudly Made in USA–Better yet it’s made in Florida
– Alternative to Traditional Mulch
– Environmentally responsible
– Investment into Longevity
– Will Not attract spores
– Can withstand all seasons
– Has the Look and Feel of organic matter like wood and soil
– Keeps out Wood Destroying Insects
– Will not decay
– Does Not Float
– Resist Rodent Infestation
– Products made are approved GSA, ASTM, IPEMA


Why do you need this product?

Do you have an area of your yard that will not drain?
Do you have an area of the yard that will not grow grass?
This product will help you be an efficient gardener

Grass Growth is possible but very minimal. Most customers prefer to get a sharp blade garden tool and cut the grass very low and place the mat on top. The weight of the mat will distribute over the grass taming the possible of more thicker growth. To completely prevent growth of grass, customers will dig until dirt and overturn the dirt in the desired area in order to place the mat in the dug up area for long lasting placement and prevention of grass and weed growth. If you have any tips or tricks to offer please send them to We’re here to help.

1 review for Rectangular Recycled Rubber Mulch Weed Mat 3ft by 10ft by Conserv-A-Store

  1. conserveadmin

    From Bill in Connecticut: “We were very interested in the Rectangular Recycled Rubber Mulch Landscape Mat 3 ft x 20 ft in the Brown. We have many tree wells on main street that are long and thin, that currently have old Flexi-pave. This has settled, and deformed with tree growth, and filled with sand weeds etc. We are considered removing the Flexi-pave and using a product like yours, that we could lift up each year, clean a little and put back correctly. It adhered to what we needed. We do not like tree grates for many reasons. Thank you for solving the problems.”

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How to modify a mat for your specific solution:

We suggest the use of an irrigation or PVC saw or a very long blade commercial grade Dewalt or the like utility knife  to cut or trim the mulch mat because of the thicker material. Have a long ruler to help score it. Please WEAR GLOVES and eye protection. Reminder our Pour in Place solution is ideal for less linear sizes and shapes. Please click here for that option 

We suggest you prep an area about 1″ deep from the surface and rake the soil clay whatever so it is fresh We suggest a landscape fabric layer to act as a good substrate Then position your mat. If there’s to be a lot of foot traffic you may want to nail in about 25 ea 8-10″ landscape spikes to help hold the mat down. We can cut the mat any way you want for a small charge if that helps you. We just need to know the dimensions. We’ll send your cuts and all remnants.

We welcome your pickup in Orlando, Fl  at our warehouse if you wish to prevent a freight bill. The warehouse is about 5 miles south of the Florida Mall(Sandlake and 441) right off the Fla Turnpike Exit Milepost 254 which is US 441(S Orange Blossom Trail). Is the 441 exit off the 528 and about 5 miles east of i4 and 1 mile west from S Orange Ave near Meadow Woods SunRail Station  You’ll need a pickup or van and we ask for 2 days lead time to be ready for you. You pay before pickup and there is a small pickup fee but personnel will help you load up.

More Info/FAQs

  • For 2020, we are happy to tell our customers that we are offering a thicker weave in the mulch products- this should offer more durability and longer life of the product!
  • Contains at least 80% recycled tire rubber
  • Virtually halt weed growth
  • Allow water and nutrients to pass through mat
  • Acts like mulch but without the hassle
  • Yes, this material can be cut and shaped a bit with a utility knife
  • Material should last 5 years with good care
  • Weighs 70 lbs and is 1 inch thick
  • This product is oversized so the shipping cost can be larger than we’d like. We will contact you with the best shipping cost we can find after your order is placed.

We also have a blog from FAQ’s on Rubber Mulch