How Cooks can Save Time and Promote Hygiene – Hands Free Faucets for Cooks

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Has any of the following ever happened to you as you try to prepare a great meal?

– Do you have the kids and dogs running around the kitchen while your cooking?

– Does the cell phone ring right when you are about to add the most important ingredient to the meal?

– Are your hands totally consumed with pots, pans, or a cutting knife just when you need to wash a veggie to add to your dish?

Cooking great meals can easily suck up your time. One place you can easily save time is when you’re using the faucet.

Traditionally if you’re cooking you have to stop what you’re doing turn on the faucet and then turn it off after you’ve finished using it. What if you could continue doing what you normally do without interruption? How much time could you save and would that be worth it to you?

Well if you answer yes to this question, then our Tapmaster is just the product for you. The Tapmaster faucet attachment is hands free which as the name implies its meant to be used without your hands. The way you activate this faucet is with a pedal that’s installed near the ground under the cabinet overhang. You simply step on this pedal and the water comes on and you step off to stop the water. The pedal can be activated to leave the water running as well.

Very simple. There’s also other variations that use your knee to activate it as well.

Hygiene is a large area of concern when you’re cooking. Cross contamination when dealing with pots, pans and raw meat is very common, just take a look in any public restroom. So without any hands to turn on the faucet, you’re reducing the risk of any kind of contamination.

There are other hands free attachments and faucets on the market but this product is well priced, has a long track record, is made in North America, and is out of the way so it does not affect the decor of your kitchen

The Tapmaster comes in 2 models. The traditional model has the kick plate under the cabinet. The Euro Tapmaster has post that swivels for on and off.

Pedal colors are black, white, and chrome for the traditional or Brushed Nickel for the Euro model.

So with the Tapmaster you can do what you love which is preparing a great meal and worry less about the water running.

Sorry we still have not designed the solution to get the kids and dogs out of the kitchen until dinner.

For more information on the Tapmaster visit our website.

Visit our Tapmaster Central page where you can more information about the Tapmaster.

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