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Conserv-A-Store: Providing Green Rubber Mulch Tree Rings and Mats
Last Updated: 12/11/2018

Conserv-A-Store: Providing Green Rubber Mulch Tree Rings and Mats

What we do
Conserv-A-Store provides solutions to problems. We are an excellent green company that can help you find green products that are also cost-effective and makes good business sense. For example, there’s always the question of using loose wood mulch versus poured rubber mulch for landscaping projects like tree rings and mats.

Hard & Fast Business Numbers
Here’s some hard and fast business numbers that are green at the same time. Did you know that the poured rubber solution has a binder that keeps it steadfast in place for at least five years and most likely 10?

Wood is cheaper in the short term but consider the long-term view. While it’s three times less expensive you need to factor in the fact it needs to be readministered 10 times more than the poured rubber mulch.

It’s easy to see the difference whether you’re looking at “green” from the conservationist or financial standpoint.

Tilt the Balance
There’s more to tilt the balance. Consider the rubber mulch is shaved from tire buffings and will last for over two decades. What’s more, it only starts to lose it’s color after five years whereas wood mulch starts to fade after only a year.

Conserv-A-Store offers a wide variety of recycled tire mulch for landscaping. We have several different sizes and our products come in a variety of colors including rainbow, black brown and red. Got a big tree that’s been a centerpiece of your property for years? You can even pour your own tree ring when you use our product.

Mulch mats for commercial use are another one of the excellent products we offer. Our product is great for your irregularly size or shape projects and you can use our rubber mulch for the playground or the trail or bike path. Recycled rubber products are the cornerstone of everything we do here at Conserv-A-Store.

Rubber mulch makes good business sense for everyone from landscape planners to homeowners who are looking for something that lasts, looks great and is kind to the earth.

Wood Mulch Prior to Pour Your Own Rubber Mulch Solution
Rubber Mulch Pour Your Own Solution After Wood Mulch Removed

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