30″ Recycled Rubber Mulch Tree Ring Mat Heavy Pattern


Folks so very sorry as of late 2022 we are not making this size We may go into production with it some time in 2023 stay tuned In the meantime we would gladly help you with a 24″ or 36″ tree ring

Great for the smallish tree you just planted and want to protect since it’s now a good friend. This model tree ring does not have a slit from the edge to the center and has no fabric backing.
Made in America, better yet right here in FL

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The 30″ diameter ring is perfect for a smallish tree you just planted and want protection for

30″ Tree Rings form a weed barrier around trees and help hold in moisture.

Tree Rings look like hardwood mulch but are made from longer-lasting, 100% recycled rubber whose base product is largely used tires and tire tread. Less harmful to the environment and will not fly away like wood mulch.

A unique manufacturing process allows water and nutrients to pass through to plant roots while forming a barrier against weeds.

Made in the USA 

If you are familiar with our products – these smaller tree rings DO NOT have the puzzle piece cut out that interlock when placed in desired position around the trunk. This one would have to be cut by customer-we suggest a PVC saw. These 30 in Tree Rings also lack the fabric backing used to support the back of ring like the larger rings.

Who is this product for?

  • Primary Component is shredded tires
  • Resembles organic mulch compounds
  • Prevents underlying weed and fungus growth
  • Allows water and nutrients to easily pass through
  • Heavy lawnmowers cannot lift it
  • Durable enough that it will not break- will bend as needed
  • Holes can easily expand for tree growth
  • Resistant to damage from spring trimmers
  • Porous openings allow the ground to breathe


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This model does not have a radial cut out to put the ring around the tree so the user will need to cut it or get a handy person to cut it

What we call in Florida a ” PVC Irrigation” Saw does a good job as does a thin tooth hack saw

We can cut it for you for a $10 charge Sorry this mold did not come with a radial cut out when we got it


To use, just cut a circle in your turf to allow the rings to lay flush with the existing turf..Cut the radial cut to put around the tree

You may want to add some landscape fabric since this size does not have fabric backing

Using this product can eliminate the need to replace your faded mulch each season. Rubber mulch products are made from 100% recycled waste stream content. These tree rings are maintenance-free, can be easily cut to size, will not discolor, decompose or blow away. Tree rings are available in black, brown, green, and red Rubber Tree Rings allow water, air, and nutrients to pass through to the tree but form a barrier against weeds. Have more questions? Check out our Blog with FAQ’s from previous customers

Should you need the specifics about the product make-up; please review the documents below.

Material Safety Data Sheet 

ASTM – 1.5 inch

Flammability Pill



Water impact test

Skid Resistance

Rubber Walk Testing


LOOKING FOR FAQs ——>>>> Check Out the Podcast About Rubber Mulch here!