Square Recycled Rubber Mulch Weed Mat 4ft x 4ft by Conserv-A-Store


Throughout the USA some tree wells are 4 Ft x 4 Ft and others are 5x 5. So we can help you either way with square recycled rubber mulch mats. For the homeowner in the back yard or the professional landscaper with their largest account. It’s all about solutions. Choose your color and order away. Premium colors now available- See Below. Fedex Ground is set up for smaller orders. Orders of 8+ may be cheaper on a pallet with a freight line Orders of 20+ units get price breaks so let us know please

Made in America, better yet right here in FL

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The Square Recycled Rubber Mulch Weed Mat 4ft x 4ft by Conserv-A-Store is perfect for a 4 x 4 tree well but can be used for many other solutions by Homeowner or Professional

Available in Brown, Black, Red, Rainbow in any quantity

For 2024 we are happy to offer you premium colors that are harder to source. (CYPRESS / GREEN / YELLOW / RUSTIC / JUNGLE). These are priced 15% higher than our everyday colors and will take at least 3 weeks to produce. If interest send us an email or call and we will help you place the order

When purchasing 20 or more pieces we will price you out at a lower price please inquire. This size order will go truck line so let us know if you have a dock or off load device please

We welcome your pickup in the Orlando area near the Florida Mall and the Turnpike subject to stock on hand. We’d need a few days lead time so reach out anytime. 

Not many stores offer this product with a Heavy Weave and extra weight so we are happy to give you an item that solves many gardening and landscaping solutions

This Mulch Mat does a better job at stopping weeds from growing around tress and garden plants, than a regular garden mat. Because this item is made entirely out of recycled rubber material, it will last longer than the usual landscape fabric used for home and commercial lawns. This mulch weed mat is an investment for your garden to stay pest and corrosion free for years. Its environmental friendly makeup provides organic weed control. It is the ultimate landscape fabric alternative. Its thick framework develops a solid weed barrier, keeping soil, water, and nutrients in and agricultural pests out.

This recycled rubber mulch weed mat is rectangular and can be easily cut and shaped for many uses around your yard and home.

Protects Your Trees From Weeds – Weeds can damage your trees and they make your yard look ugly
Saves You Time – Once you set it, you can forget it. No ongoing
maintenance required so you don’t have to keep going to your trees to
clean it up
Keeps Your Trees Healthy – The mulch mats allow nutrients to pass through them which gives you better looking trees
Protects Your Trees From Lawnmowers – Lawnmowers can damage your trees
if they are too close but with the mats you won’t have to worry about
getting to close
Makes Your Garden Look Beautiful – These mats also make your yard look very clean, tidy, and gorgeous
Toxic-Free Chemicals – Traditional garden weed killers contain very toxic chemicals that can be harmful to you or animals.
Great for making rubber floors.
1″ thick(most others are barely .5″ thick) with a nice full weave
Proudly Made in USA–Better yet it’s made in Florida
Easy Alternative to Traditional Mulch that is much more Environmentally responsible
Long Term Investment into Longevity
Will Not attract spores and can withstand all seasons
Has the Look and Feel of organic matter like wood and soil
Keeps out Wood Destroying Insects
Non – Toxic and will not decay
Does Not Float
Resist Rodent Infestation
Products made are approved GSA, ASTM, IPEMA


Safety Data Sheet for Aromatic AR55200

Before/After Tree Well Installation with Rubber Mulch Molded Mats either 4ft x 4ft or 5ft x 5ft



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  1. Evana Rivera

    Thanks for following up. At this point we are not moving forward with the tree project until we have further updates with the city. In regards to your product, everything was great.

    Joe in western PA

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We Suggest a PVC Irrigation saw or a very long blade commercial grade utility knife like by Dewalt to cut the material. You’ll need a straight edge as well to score before you cut. Please WEAR GLOVES at all times and eye protection is suggested

We suggest you prep an area about 1″ deep from the surface and rake the soil clay whatever so it is fresh We suggest a landscape fabric layer to act as a good substrate Then position your mat. If there’s to be a lot of foot traffic you may want to nail in about 10 ea 8-10″ landscape spikes to help hold the mat down. We can center cut the mat for  you for a small charge if that helps you. We just need to know the dimensions

We welcome your pickup in Orlando, Fl  at our warehouse if you wish to prevent a freight bill. The warehouse is about 5 miles south of the Florida Mall(Sandlake and 441) right off the Fla Turnpike Exit Milepost 254 which is US 441(S Orange Blossom Trail). Is the 441 exit off the 528 and about 5 miles east of i4 and 1 mile west from S Orange Ave near Meadow Woods SunRail Station  You’ll need a pickup or van and we ask for 2 days lead time to be ready for you. You pay before pickup and there is a small pickup fee but personnel will help you load up.

More Info/FAQs

  • From 2022, we are happy to tell our customers that we are offering a thicker weave in the mulch products- this should offer more durability and longer life of the product!
  • Contains at least 80% recycled tire rubber
  • Virtually halt weed growth
  • Allow water and nutrients to pass through mat
  • Acts like mulch but without the hassle
  • Yes, this material can be cut and shaped a bit with a utility knife
  • Material should last 5 years with good care
  • Weighs 60 lbs and is 1 inch thick

Why do you need this product?

Do you have an area of your yard that will not drain?
Do you have an area of the yard that will not grow grass?
This product will help you

Still have questions about using rubber mulch? check out our blog here: FAQ’s for Rubber Mulch 

Should you need the specifics about the product make-up; please review the documents below.

Material Safety Data Sheet 

ASTM – 1.5 inch

Flammability Pill



Water impact test

Skid Resistance

Rubber Walk Testing