Aromatic Binder 5 GAL Pail for Spreadable Rubber Mulch


As of Aprill 2023 due to a recurring shortage of this product in the marketplace we may or may not be able to sell you binder only We can however always sell you the binder if you purchase the rubber as well in our 4in1kit

The Aromatic Binder Pails are BINDER ONLY. This is considered the “glue” or adhesive for rubber mulch products. We will gladly offer you this product but we will need to make sure that the quality of your rubber is adequate to handle the job and is virgin(very important) rubber We really prefer that the job be done professionally by our crew or that you purchase our 4 in 1 Rubber to Binder kit part # 02-0172

The binder we offer should be used for landscape solutions not backyard playgrounds. That process is different from what we offer, uses a different type of rubber, and includes more liability risk which we are not prepared to accept. We will ask you to review a quick email that you understand all these important topics before you purchase the binder only. This product ships from N  Georgia and central Florida. Live in the western states we will try to find a ship point closer to you just ask. Due to the hazardous nature of the shipment we will need to get a freight rate for you Email us or call us with your city zip or complete the form on the cart and we’ll get you a quote

This binder works specifically with RUBBER MULCH POUR YOUR OWN. Interested in that item Click these links please Conservastore product 02-0172B for Commercial projects and 02-0172 for Residential projects

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Aromatic Binder Pails

The Aromatic Binder Pails are BINDER ONLY. We do not particularly like to sell the binder by it self due to its hazardous content and because then we do not know where you purchased your rubber. A lot of rubber suppliers leave steel belts in the rubber which is dangerous to the pouring personnel and makes for a bad pour. Freight on rubber can be high but we will try to get you the best delivered price we can

This is considered the “glue” or adhesive of rubber mulch products. We prefer that the job be done professionally when dealing with this binder. This binder works specifically with RUBBER MULCH POUR YOUR OWN. Interested in that item search for Conservastore product 02-0172B for Commercial projects and 02-0172 for Residential projects

This is a 5 gallon bucket.

For very large jobs we do offer an 11 – 5 gallon pails in ONE drum giving you 55 gallons of binder . Please inquire if unsure how much you will need for your job.

Please be advised there is freight on this item depending on LOCATION shipping to. Once you place the order for how many you will be contact on the additional freight charge.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 407.898.2284



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There is rubber and there is rubber. The factory we source our rubber from is a large national gatherer and shredder of tires and quality is very important to them. They never have steel belt pieces in the rubber product. We offer you the ability to use the binder Conservastore sources if you already have rubber but we will want to go over a few things with you to make sure your rubber is of adequate quality to make the job a success. Our concern is that you may use this binder on inferior rubber and the job will not be to your liking and the blame will be placed on the binder. That is the risk you take.

Also the dispersal of rubber can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Our rubber comes in 50 lb bags and generally does 72 sq ft of finished product at 1.5 inches with a mixture of 4 bags of rubber to 1 pail of binder. To accurately use this binder you’d need to know your cu ft dispersal amount. Ask the folks where you purchase the rubber so they are involved. If they do not know they should offer to find the info for you

We offer videos on how to install.Click the link below and go to the installation tab please-please study both videos closely

Conservastore Pour in Place for Commercial Product page.

There are a few dont’s:

  • Do not pour the binder on top of rubber that has already been laid–that will not work. There must be a mixture of rubber and binder for the process to work
  • Is very best if you do not use binder on old rubber mulch–that will not work
  • Do not pour when it IS or will be raining Do not pour during a period below 55 degrees for 24 hours

There are a few do’s:

  • Go slow when you mix the rubber and binder–you must learn which mixture works for you and going slow will let you decide
  • Wear very old clothes covering all parts of your body since the binder is very sticky
  • Obviously wear goggles and gloves and hair protection and a mask
  • Work in a well ventilated area outdoors If you are to use this indoors call us before you pour

Please read our installation tab notes before you begin a pour TY

The intent of our recycled tire rubber products is landscaping directed. If you are pouring a playground for young children we prefer to pass since that type of pour if done correctly involves multi layers  to protect the children from fall which we do not offer. We can put you in touch with a factory that is well schooled in that type pour


More Info/FAQs
Should you be unsure how much binder you need or how to do it please give us a call and let us know how we can help you… Give us a call at 407.898.2284 or email us at

This aromatic binder is used for Molded Rubber Mulch Applications. Please read more about Rubber Mulch with our FAQ’s here: Rubber Mulch Blog