Roll Out Rubber Mulch 18” x 6 Ft by Conserv-A-Store

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Conserv-A-Store is excited to offer a 18″wide by 6 ft long by 1″ thick roll out rubber mulch roll in 4 colors. Sooo Many Uses: Edge Border of Beds, Small Walkways, Around Trees, Protection of numerous landscape areas, Commercial or Residential. Choose your color here and you’re ready to order-Free Ship of Course. Premium colors now available- See Below. For your convenience we welcome pickup at our Orlando warehouse–see Additional Info tab for more

Made in America, better yet right here in FL

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Roll Out Rubber Mulch of recycled tire rubber in size 18” x 6 Ft by Conserv-A-Store- Unlimited uses available in your lawn or garden!

Do you love to garden and work in the yard? You need a roll of this on
hand to help you with ongoing projects. The product is light enough for a
lady or mature adult to carry a roll around anywhere in the yard and versatile since it
can be cut and shaped a bit with a carpet knife, a heavy pair of shears, or an irrigation saw

Conservastore Rubber Mulch Roll is the perfect solution for a variety of
uses, including landscape areas, around the pool or patio or in high
runoff or drainage areas. Some folks use it for pathway in areas where mud collects and a clean walk space is needed

Made from 100% recycled rubber, Roll Out Rubber Mulch gives you the look
of natural mulch plus the superior weed control benefits.

The mulch will not wash away, discolor or decompose, giving you a maintenance free beauty for years to come.

Our roll out can be a bit more expensive than some out there but that’s is because you get more and thicker product with our roll so longevity is almost guaranteed

For 2022 we are happy to offer you premium colors that are harder to source. (CYPRESS / GREEN / YELLOW / RUSTIC / JUNGLE). These are priced 15% higher than our everyday colors and will take at least 3 weeks to produce. If interest send us an email or call and we will help you place the order

Landscapers Developers this is for You Too

When we first designed this product we thought all the customer purchases will be for residential use. We find not so. We’ve been lucky enough to assist developers and commercial landscapers with some nice office complex and apartment projects where the roll out is used as borders between beds and walkways for instance. Reach out and we’ll quote you.

Features Benefits compared to others out there:

– 1 1/2 feet wide x 6 feet long–we feel an easier size to move around your yard
– 1″ thick(most others are barely .5″ thick)
– Nice full weave
– Available in More Colors: Brown, Red, Rainbow, Black
– Proudly Made in USA–Better yet it’s made in Florida by Floridians
– Alternative to Traditional Mulch
– Environmentally responsible
– Investment into Longevity
– Will Not attract spores
– Can withstand all seasons
– Has the Look and Feel of organic matter like wood and soil
– Keeps out Wood Destroying Insects
– Non – Toxic
– Will not decay
– Does Not Float
– Resist Rodent Infestation


2 reviews for Roll Out Rubber Mulch 18” x 6 Ft by Conserv-A-Store

  1. William

    Good thick rubber mat. brought it in before placing it in the garden since it was raining — did smell like rubber tires in a closed area in the home- once weather permitted placed outside and worked perfectly for muddy walkway that doesn’t drain well. Would purchase more if needed.

  2. Evana Rivera

    “Over the last month, I’ve been looking for the right product for my space and I really like what you have in the one inch of rubber mulch compared to your competitors.
    No-maintenance product is “time” (to spend on a different project, when this one’s done) in my pocket. I know all too well that using poorly made products just means you have to do the project over again down the line.
    Thanks again!”

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Pretty easy really. Just unwrap it and take it to the point of use. Since it’s a roll it may need to lay flat for a bit. Of course you can cut it with an irrigation saw or long blade carpet knife. Some folks have used weed fabric as a underlayment and some folks have nailed 8-12″ nails into the ground to secure the mat in places there is a slope. Please be careful and ALWAYS wear gloves

We welcome your pickup in Orlando, Fl  at our warehouse for your convenience. The warehouse is about 5 miles south of the Florida Mall(Sandlake and 441) right off the Fla Turnpike Exit Milepost 254 which is US 441(S Orange Blossom Trail). Is the 441 exit off the 528 and about 5 miles east from I4 and 1 mile west from S Orange Ave near Meadow Woods SunRail Station  You’ll need a pickup or van and we ask for 2 days lead time to be ready for you. You pay before pickup and there is a small pickup fee but personnel will help you load up.


The Conservastore Roll Out Rubber Mulch is more solid than most. There is no weed fabric on the back of our version of this product

Grass Growth is possible but very minimal. Most customers prefer to get a sharp blade garden tool and cut the grass very low and place the mat on top. The weight of the mat will distribute over the grass taming the possibility of more thicker growth. To completely prevent growth of grass, customers will dig until dirt and overturn the dirt in the desired area in order to place the mat in the dug up area for long lasting placement and prevention of grass and weed growth. If you have any tips or tricks to offer please send them to We’re here to help.

18 pounds/ea
18 ft x 10 ft x 10 ft – sizing for the box

Still have questions about Rubber Mulch? Check out our FAQ’s here

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