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Eco Friendly Gardening

Make Gardening Fun and Environmentally Safe

There are numerous things in this category that you will find that can help and flourish your garden or home landscape. An eco friendly garden is easier than most think it is. With natural fertilizers, organic soil, rubber mulch tree rings that doesn’t stain the soil, and most of all rainwater harvesting systems - we can save you time, money, and the environment all in one big bang! Or better yet a bang for your buck! Flagstones can add a decorative addition to a walkway of a garden and a rubber mulch entrance mat will definitely be a great addition to your outside homey feel. This selection of products will help match any gardening ideas you may have and even exceed your expectations. Being eco friendly does not only have to be inside the home, but outside the home too! Pay homage to nature with flourishing flowers, plants, and bushes that are sure to be set in a picture perfect landscape for your home.
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Rosa Colored Flexstone Landscape Stone 02-0167 Neptune's Hydrolized Fish Organic Fertilizer Quart
The Flexstone Lanscaping Stones are ideal for any garden walkway, pathway, or home courtyard. These natural looking garden accessories come in a variety of colors and are easily installed.
Free Shipping Soil Moist granules absorb water, then release the water when surrounding soil becomes dry allowing plants to go longer between waterings. Organic fish fertilizer is the way to go to baby your plants and get consistent growth. Good for most home and garden plants. See our video here.
Rubber Mulch Entrance Mat Neptune's Hydrolized Fish+Seaweed Fertilizer Qt 02-0164
Durable recycled rubber mulch door entrance mat in a variety of colors! Organic FishSeaweed Blend Fertilizer gives you the best of both products with a perfect blend of fish hydrolysate and seaweed ensuring a complete fertilization program. Looking for an alternative to typical concrete or other stone steps? How about these attractive and realistic looking recycled rubber flagstones?
Neptune's Hydrolized Fish Organic Fertilizer Gal Neptune's Hydrolized Fish+Seaweed Fertilizer Gal 02-0001
This organic fertilizer is made from fresh North Atlantic fish. Unlike fish emulsions, Neptune's Harvest retains the fish proteins and oils and has no unpleasant odor. This perfect blend of fish and seaweed component fertilizer offers remarkable organic gardening results. Growers have reported increased marketable yields. The 45 Gallon Knock Down Rain Water Barrel, lets you collect your rain water from your gutter spout for an additional water supply. Saving rain water helps save money.
Sav-Eco Green Gardening Tree Protection Kit - Rubber Rings 02-0010 envirocycle composter
The Sav-Eco Green Gardening Tree Protection Kit with Rubber Rings
gives your trophy trees the durability they deserve
You get the protection of the rubber rings and the growth aid of the organic fertilizer all in one kit
The Pop Up Water Barrel is perfect for harvesting rain in the summer and folds up for easy storage in the winter. When folded up it is only 4" high. Holds 34 gallons of water. A compost tumbler is a barrel that needs to be rotated during the composting cycle. Also known as a rotating tumbler, it helps make the turning of the compost easier. The Envirocycle compost bin turns
Can you imagine looking in a home gardening magazine and bringing that picture perfect ideal of a landscape to your home? Well that’s why we are here, to help you get that picture perfect idea and bring it to life in your front and backyard. The only thing is timing. Yes, we agree, gardening can be time consuming but there’s a little saying that goes something about the work now will pay off later… do you agree? We definitely do! It will take a little extra effort but the effort now is well worth the appearance and awe it causes to your guest later. Natural fertilizers, rubber mulch tree rings, flagstones, and much more can not only help the appearance of your garden but also the environment. Just think: have you ever used regular wood mulch? Notice how it’s light and flies away easily? How often are you remulching? Does it stain the soil it covers? Though wood mulch is okay, it’s not great. It’s very light and it flies away easily which cause you to constantly remulch; maybe more than you want to. Also it stains the soil and the groundwater. For example, most people like the color of the red wood mulch; problem is when it rains (which has acid in it) the acid drains the color off the mulch and it flows into the groundwater and then into our streams, rivers, and oceans into a cycle of our drinking water. Since we are all about saving water and the environment we want to bring you the knowledge and why we do not necessarily suggest using such mulch in a garden and or landscaping. Fertilizers that are natural and do not have chemicals filled all into them are also things we suggest a new gardener to use in the sense of the things can help you and the environment. It also adds nutrients back into the soil instead of only stealing from it. Tips, tricks, and more information regarding products and information you can find on this website can be found on our blog www.blog.conservastore.com. Having trouble figuring out exactly what you want and what you need? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via info@conservastore.com - we’ll be glad to help you figure out quantity, type, or even design ideas that can be used for your living room remodeling ideas. Watch our blog for the easiest re-use of normal items that can be re-used or tips and tricks for being more eco-friendly in your home at www.blog.conservastore.com If you happen to be in Central Florida where home is for us, we would be glad to suggest a licensed professional to install any of our products for you. The Green Solutions for Your Life!