Bill Gates is Blazing the Way to Encourage a Better Toilet to be Build in the World

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Bill Gates is Blazing the Way to Encourage a Better Toilet to be Build in the World
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Bill Gates is nothing short of amazing when it comes to inventive. Not only is he into the technology of the normal worldly needs, he is also in your bathroom. (not literally but you get the point…) He is trying to encourage the world to reinvent the toilet. Granted the toilet has been functionally the same for the last 10 years at least even with latest emerging technology. If you think about it, the toilet has been around for over 5,000 years. For Bill Gates to ask for a reinvention, it makes sense. The toilet should be redesigned with the modern emerging world. I guess that why his name is Bill Gates.
Earlier this month, Bill Gates called on the World to create a better toilet. More specific toilets that improve your hygiene, don’t have to connect to a sewage system of the city, and can break down human waste into fertilizer. Which these ideas are some great ideas that we all should have thought about before now. (guess that’s why he’s Bill Gates!) Gates held a Reinvent the Toilet Expo which gave anyone the opportunity to showcase their ideas for a more simpler bathroom fixture that could replace the toilet. Companies came out and showed toilets that could separate urine from solid waste, more efficient waste treatment, and even toilets that recycle water for hand washing that also incorporated solar roofs.
Sadly this is a response to the 4.5 billion people; which is more than half the World’s population; who are without access to safe sanitation. In Gates’s opening presentation he mentioned that the sanitation cost would be “…an estimated 223 billion a year in form of health cost and lost productivity as well as wages.” This figure can be obtained and simplified but it take more than a thought to get it going. I’m sure city workers would be happy to get an increase in pay as well as bringing more jobs to their town/city. More than enough people will be interested in the increase in income and productivity as well as the overall good the redesign and sanitation guidelines that could go along with it. Though this is a new idea to the World, Gates has been working on this idea and researching it for over 7 years through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Mr. Gates pledged to give 200 million in an effort to get companies to see human waste as a big business. Granted the reinvention would take “…at least a decade” before the ball is fully rolling but this reinvention could reach tens of millions of people in the poorest areas as well as improve practical and economical daily life. The event, held in China, was geared to energize the World’s second largest economy since China has been dedicating time, money, and efforts to rehabilitate its’ poverty stricken people. Though the efforts have been good, sanitation systems remain a deficient in a lot of the country. More than a quarter of families lack proper sanitation and only about 60% of the rural households have toilets that treat human waste. Mr Xi Jinping, the country’s top leader believes the reinvention is an important goal in “advancing the revitalization of the countryside.” But to a disappointing halt, local officials have tried to outgun one another with newfangled latrines, “many equipped with flat screen TVs, WIFI, face recognition toilet paper dispensers. (Thieves have been known to make off with entire rolls.) There were even refrigerators, microwave ovens, and [even] couches, prompting China’s tourism chief at the time to instruct officials in January to rein in their “five star toilets” and avoid kitsch and luxury.”” Luckily non of these type of toilets were on display for Bill Gates.
Though Gates have been criticized for giving money to developing countries’ universities to create high tech toilets that will take years to pay off – and if it will even pay off; He acknowledged that some reinvented toilets could cost as much as $10,000 but can come down quickly. He is concerned more about getting it to the low thousands to hundreds. Today he is more confident about being thus far with other countries as the Asian Development Bank and African Development Bank would commit 2.5 Billion in financing for sanitation services for all parts of the small cities and the poorest neighborhoods.
“We see ourselves on the cusp of a sanitation revolution,” say Mr. Gates. We look forward to the new inventions and ideas that are to come with the reinvent of the toilet. We believe it can be done and with a lot of hard work and patience for the undo of the everything we are so use to- this may be the next biggest thing in the next 4-5 years.
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