Definition of Water Conservation: What does it actually mean and how can I conserve water in my home and in my everyday life?

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Definition of Water Conservation: What does it actually mean and how can I conserve water in my home and in my everyday life?

Saving water, energy, and money is important. We will explain how you can do it affordably and efficiently

Some people are looking for the definitive answer for how do everyday people actually conserve water in the home. Well look no further, we have the answers, some tips and tricks, and information on what you can do to start some conservation methods in your home today- (even spending little to no money!) We’ve read plenty of water conservation essays and articles about conserving water to bring you the latest and most effective ways for a home or business owner to conserve water on a every day basis without making a huge sacrifice to your normal life.

Watch this short clip about the small changes you can make that can make a HUGE difference only in ONE DAY!

Something as simple as changing from wine to beer as your beverage choice in one day can save a lot of water as the video presented. It’s simple changes as that can make the difference in every day life. Choices in the food you eat, the time it takes you to take a shower and even the gas you use in a day. Anything you think of that can make a small impact can quickly add up!

Define Water Conservation:

“Water Conservation refers to the preservation, control and development of water resources, both surface and groundwater, and prevention of pollution. Source Publication: Glossary of Environment Statistics, Studies in Methods, Series F, No. 67, United Nations, New York, 1997.” As you can tell by the date, water conservation is nothing new to World; but as the video explained the more the World grows older and the most we use this natural resource, the less it becomes available. As the population has doubled in the last 50 years and looks like it’s not slowing down- water conservation is very important to our survival on the planet. Water is a non renewable resource and once we use it all; it’s all gone. This is why we have to be conscious about every decision we make that can harm us as a human race in the long run. Water Conservation is important in the home and the business. Water conservation is probably more important considering a business has multiple people in out and on a constant basis versus at home when you only have your significant other and kids. Maintaining a constant idea of how much water you use and things you can do to reduce your usage will ultimately help you become a contribution to the conservation of the Earth’s greatest natural resources.

Rain Water Harvesting

With respect to those who have installed low flow aerators, (see image) water reducing toilets and shower heads; the things that can be done for water conservation can range from small to huge. Shower heads and hands free faucets that reduce the amount of water used on every usage can help eco proof the home; even installing what we call a low flow toilet that reduces the amount of water used in a flush can make a big impact but for larger impacts Rainwater Harvesting is one of the greatest ways for water re-usage and conservation. Rain water harvesting is such a huge investment up front that it can deter people away from it, but if you do invest, you’ll have one of the greatest defend methods against droughts and shortage cuts from city municipalities. Having your own supply of water can immensely be a defense and benefit for your family in a natural disaster or in a drought. You are helping the environment and helping your family all at the same time. Even if you cannot get a huge underground collecting systems, you can always get a small rain barrel that can collect water and use that water for your plants and other outside of the drinking water usage you may need water for like washing your car, or rinsing off your driveway. Again, we stress small changes to make a big impact. Anything can be reimagined and redone in a different and more efficient way- saving water is one of them.

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If you are not aware- Cape Town, Africa (the town in Africa that ran out of water) was an example of what can happen Worldwide if water conservation is not taken seriously. The people of Cape Town now have to travel miles and miles to get rations of clean water. And the issue has to this day not been solved. There’s no way to get water from one point to another in the terms that the they are capable of being self dependent when it comes to water again. Granted, with climate change and ever evolving technology maybe it will change but as of right now the water supply has run dry. Most people would not want to live on a water restriction ordinance over the entire city so the more we learn from out mistakes, the more we can prepare for the future. Cape Town has now even had to charge tariffs for people who use more than the allotted water than they are allowed.

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Water conservation slogans and water conservation essays may tell you how to do all of these things but here at Conserv-A-Store we want to be able to actually provide you with the products to help you do so. This is why we believe in our products and further more know how to help someone when they have questions. We have been around for over ten years and have been a part of the eco community that conserve time, money, energy, water and much much more. Our suite of products, from aerators, hands free faucet activators, shower heads, and low flow toilet can all help you in your water conservation journey. We hope you will glance through out products and let us know if there is anything we can help you with. With us, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to save a lot.

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