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We’re here to lend a helping hand with the questions you may have or things you are considering when purchasing Molded or Poured Rubber Mulch products. Hopefully you get an idea of the things you want and how to answer those pressing questions. Since we are a small home grown company based in Orlando, FL, you can give us a call anytime! Call us at 407.898.2284

Let’s jump into the questions:

Q: How long is rubber mulch going to last? (this includes molded and poured rubber mulch)

A: It can last up to 5 yrs. Some have seen better results of it lasting up to 10 yrs. Sadly it will fade but fades uniformly if in equal amounts of sunlight/rain/weather conditions. Rubber mulch will last longer than wood since it is not organic it will not mix with the soil for easy removal or re-mulching. Check out some videos on this product page HERE


“I prefer to listen to the Conserv A Store Podcast. It’s quick simple straight to the point and informative” – Sarah, Denver Colorado 

The Conserv A Store Podcast: February 1st 2021 : Basic Questions about Rubber Mulch


Q: How do you cut rubber mulch or molded mulch?

Cutting Rubber Mulch is quite easy all you need to do is use a tool that is stronger than your normal knife and saw. Of course a blade sharp enough to easily cut through the rubber and not a dull knife to make sure to prevent any unwanted tear or harm to yourself. Tools such as a long blade Heavy Duty Utility Knife Dewalt style or similar or fine tooth PVC or irrigation Saw. Check out the Diagram below

It’s also a great idea to have a board under the mat when cutting since you will be applying pressure to cut and do not want to damage anything you have underneath the mat when cutting.

*** we always suggest using gloves and goggles when using sharp objects, please be safe and aware of your surroundings when using sharp objects.***



Q: Will  rubber mulch fade?

Yes, over time it will. But it has to be exposed to constant harsh weather. Over the course of it’s life of 5-6 years, the color will reduce from normal heat, rain, and other weather conditions. But it will not blow away or completely tarnish like wood will. IF you choose a neutral color, the color will last longer. We have experienced the most fading with the brighter colors. See the colors here


Q: Will it fade quicker than wood mulch?

No, Rubber Mulch will not fade quicker than wood mulch. Check out this blog going into depth of the benefits and draw backs of rubber mulch vs wood mulch Click Here 


Q: Do governments allow rubber mulch for their respective landscapes in the city?

A: It really depends on the local code of the municipality–we are unaware of any federal laws but if we are not correct please let us know–in Florida for instance there are counties that do not allow it for new construction but will for replacement.


Q: Is the binder that makes the rubber mulch stick together safe? How safe is rubber mulch binder?

Yes, the binder is safe once it is set. Of course it has the normal safety regulations such as not to consume it or have around children while it is in the liquid form. We do offer the Material Safety Data Sheet: MSDS for molded product (2) for more specific information when it comes to the entire codes and descriptions of every chemical in the mix. An opened can of binder can last for about 6 weeks and be reused if covered


Q: Are their LEED benefits from using rubber mulch?

Yes, there are LEED benefits from using Rubber Mulch since as it is eco friendly. Rubber Mulch will also help with  construction projects who are looking to earn LEED credits.

Leed Qualifying Points

Regional Materials (MR) credits 5.1 & 5.2- 2 points

Recycled Contents (MR) credits 4.1 & 4.2- 2 points


Q: Is mulch good for trees?

A: Here are a few sources pro and con


  • Does not absorb water
  • Prevents fungal Growth in Plants
  • Allows fertilizer to pass
  • Weeds will not grow
  • Looks and Feel like like Mulch
  • Good installation from heat
  • Does not attract Insects
  • Lasts Longer than Wood Mulch
  • Stays in place once set
  • Get more Design options than wood mulch
  • Low Maintenance
  • Provides 2x the Coverage
  • Eco Friendly Option for betterment of the Environment
  • Heavier than Wood mulch


  • Will not decompose
  • May contain chemicals harmful to plants
  • More expensive upfront
  • Heavier than wood mulch


Q: What are the alternatives to rubber  mulch?

A: Some alternatives to rubber mulch are wood, river pebbles, stones, fake turf grass, open mud or soil, water basins, etc… just depends on the project.

Rubber mulch can be almost double wood mulch and river pebbles but is quite competitive with more long term solutions such as landscaping stone and fake grass


Q: Is rubber mulch permeable to water?

Yes it is, water passes through freely even with gardening fabric. See the image working

Water allows tto pass through rubber mulch
Water permeable rubber mulch











Q: How is rubber playground mulch different from rubber landscape mulch?

A: The playground mulch comes in 3 layers which is made to reduce fall risk by children. The total thickness can be up to 4 inches. The landscape mulch does not require 3 layers since it’s only job is to protect and organize a landscape setting and is iusually 1 or 2 inches thick


Q: Can I pour or use rubber mulch myself or do I need professional help?

A: You can absolutely do it yourself. It is not hard, maybe more time consuming but not hard at all. Check out this video on how you can do it in your home garden today:


Q: Is rubber mulch made in America?

A: The tires may or not have been made in USA but most shredding facilities are in the USA. Conservastore manufactures most of our molded rubber products in central Florida but the rubber comes from factories in the SE USA


Q: What happens to tires if they are not recycled?

Most of the time they end up in a landfill, and since they do not decompose they will be there for decades to come until used. The others will be upcycled into other things such as tire swings, decorative lawn stumps, chairs, or RUBBER MULCH. Want more information? Check this link out with more information about the Life Cycle of Tires 


Q: Do rubber tree rings work?

A: Yes, they do actually work. They will allow water to pass through so they will not suffocate the ground but not allows weeds to grown through. Check this out for more information https://rubbermulch.com/blogs/rubbermulch/31581761-the-pros-and-cons-of-a-rubber-mulch-garden

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  1. Lisa

    I have a large maple tree in my yard where the roots around the trunk are exposed and raised so I cannot put mulch on it as it would just slide off. Was looking for a mat ring to cover it but diameter is 60”+ and tree trunk is close to 1 foot in diameter. Would this mat work ? Any recommendations?

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