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Conserv-A-Store's selection of Everyday Green Products for your home, garden and office allow us to help you with our ongoing efforts to offer items that are Green, pragmatic, energy saving, and save you money. This includes our recycled rubber mulch mat and tree ring products,  our organic fertilizer products, our products for can recycling, our Eco Friendly gifts, our line of Hemp and Organic Cotton Clothing and much more
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02-155 Rosa Colored Flexstone Landscape Stone 02-0064
Soil Moist Granules reduces plant watering by absorbing 200x its weight in water & releasing a steady supply of water to the plant. Excellent for annuals & new transplants. The Flexstone Lanscaping Stones are ideal for any garden walkway, pathway, or home courtyard. These natural looking garden accessories come in a variety of colors and are easily installed.
Hempy's famous SPF 15 Hemp Oil Lip Balm that's made in the U.S.A. Includes all natural ingredients, click for more information.
02-0140 24" Recycled Rubber Mulch Tree Ring Mat 02-0059
Give your favorite memory that digital flair with these picture frames made from recycled circuit boards. Fits a 4" x 6" picture. Comes in red, green, or blue. The 24" Rubber Mulch Tree Ring mat is a versatile size for many of the favorite trees in your yard. This material can be shaped a bit with a knife to fit many tree trunk sizes. Quantity Discounts available EarthBall is an inflatable globe created from thousands of images of Earth from space. Make Great Environmental Gifts for the kids or your favorite teacher's classroom.
02-0167 02-0057 Wall Mount Can Crusher for Aluminum Cans and Plastic Bottles
Free Shipping Soil Moist granules absorb water, then release the water when surrounding soil becomes dry allowing plants to go longer between waterings. The Dial Can Crusher is an industry standard allowing you to make money by recycling. Crushes 12 oz. cans to 1" thick. The beauty of this can crusher is that it crushes 12oz & 16oz cans,AND 20oz plastic bottles. Solid build, wall mount, and soft neoprene grip make for a high value product.
02-0141 Neptune's Hydrolized Fish Organic Fertilizer Quart 02-0081
Basic Can Crusher

Use these recycled circuit board coasters to protect your furniture from water damage. This price for set of 6 each. Organic fish fertilizer is the way to go to baby your plants and get consistent growth. Good for most home and garden plants. See our video here. Heavygauge steel construction. 16" compaction arm provides crushing leverage. Safety grip neoprene handle. Compaction chamber accepts 12 oz. or 16 oz. cans without adjustment. Mounting hardware incl
36" Recycled Rubber Mulch Tree Ring Mat 02-0269 Neptune's Hydrolized Fish+Seaweed Fertilizer Qt
The 36" Rubber Mulch Tree Ring Mat of recycled rubber is the most useful size for the homeowner. It will fit around most of the trees in your yard. A ConservAStore Best Seller! Quantity Discounts available This savvy little business card case with its technoappeal and recycled product will make you the envy of the office. Holds 1015 cards. Organic FishSeaweed Blend Fertilizer gives you the best of both products with a perfect blend of fish hydrolysate and seaweed ensuring a complete fertilization program.
02-0164 Puttin' on the Jams Organic Cotton Patch Pants 02-0065
Looking for an alternative to typical concrete or other stone steps? How about these attractive and realistic looking recycled rubber flagstones?
From a day out gardening to lounging around the house, these pants will have you in style. Stretchy cotton providing the maximum amount of comfort, you can't go wrong with these!
Six pack includes 2 each of the following: After Surf Blend, Oatmeal Hemp Soap, and Lavender Tea Tree.
02-0079 Roll Out Rubber Mucl 24" x 6 ft Brown Over Bath Airer Laundry Clothes Drying Rack
Features all steel construction. Easytoinstall wall mount and to operate. Ejects crushed cans into recycling container. Ideal for home, office, or work. Holds 6 beverage cans. Fully assembled We are currently out of this product and unsure when it will be in stock
Consider using our product # 02-0165A
Easy Gardener Roll Out Rubber Mulch is an all-in-one product that answers two major gardening concerns, mulching and weed control.
Do you live in the city in an apartment or condo? This clothes dryer is just for you! Put it up in the tub or shower and you are good to go.
Earthtone Rubberific Timber Playground Border Neptune's Hydrolized Fish Organic Fertilizer Gal Neptune's Hydrolized Fish+Seaweed Fertilizer Gal
The Rubberific Timber Borders provide better support to playgrounds and gardens than normal plastic or wood. These borders are 100% recycled and low maintaince upon install. This organic fertilizer is made from fresh North Atlantic fish. Unlike fish emulsions, Neptune's Harvest retains the fish proteins and oils and has no unpleasant odor. This perfect blend of fish and seaweed component fertilizer offers remarkable organic gardening results. Growers have reported increased marketable yields.
30" Recycled Rubber Tree Ring Mat Heavy Pattern 02-157 02-0001
Heavy Weave Tree Ring mulch mats relieve the homeowner or landscaper of needing to worry about mulch blowing away in the wind or washing away with the rain. This is a good size for young saplings or a tree whose diameter will not grow that large in it's life This ecofriendly parallelstyle clothes dryer features 30 tubular powder coated steel lines that provide 49 feet of linear drying space. The 45 Gallon Knock Down Rain Water Barrel, lets you collect your rain water from your gutter spout for an additional water supply. Saving rain water helps save money.
Recycling Bin Cart for Used Cans, Newspaper, and Glass 02-0070 Sav-Eco Green Gardening Tree Protection Kit - Rubber Rings
This Recycle Bin Cart or Caddy is perfect to transport and store your recycling bins. We all believe recycling is important and this cart makes it possible. Great Gift for Grandad and Grandma The benefits of air drying clothes are manyfabrics last longer, energy bills run lower, and clothes and sheets naturally smell more fresh when hung outside. The Sav-Eco Green Gardening Tree Protection Kit with Rubber Rings
gives your trophy trees the durability they deserve
You get the protection of the rubber rings and the growth aid of the organic fertilizer all in one kit