Basics of Pour in Place Rubber Mulch

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Pour in Place Rubber Mulch offers the user a great deal of independence in how they wish to apply their job. You can vary thickness and of course pour a non linear area where normally you may use a finished rubber mulch mat or swing mat.

We wanted to give you a primer on how to best poor rubber mulch. This is courtesy of Fred @ RTP who has been working with poured rubber mulch for 10 years.

Folks it’s a dirty job but if you’ve mixed and poured concrete you should be good to go. Suggest you use some older clothes you can throw away after the job and older shoes. You do not need to soil your clothes/shoes but you may.

  1. Compact bottom as much as you can with filter fabric. Otherwise will follow the shape of the ground. May want to excavate pour site a bit
  2. Set up areas 4×4 with base – 2x4s – easiest way to install
  3. Mixture of four bags per bucket of binder
  4. If pail is 20″, every 6″ mark a line
  5. One bag in wheelbarrow(line your wheelbarrow with plastic) with quarter of pail. Mix until it has hair gel consistency.
  6. Mix by hands w/ gloves-about 2 mins of mixing then pour onto boards about 1″ thick.
  7. Use hands to make fixes, do not use tools. But it may be helpful to have a small trowel laying around to form some hard to reach areas.
  8. Boards not longer than 3-4 feet.
  9. Do not use two bag mix if mixing alone.
  10. Once binder mixes with air, no one can touch it for 48 hours.
  11. Best perfomance is if temp is greater than 40degrees F for 24 hrs after pour. Curing slows with lower temps and can affect the lowest layer poured.
  12. Likewise is best if rain can be avoided for a 48 hr period after the pour.
  13. Suggest putting caution tape around the poured area for 72hrs

Other important features about Pour in Place Rubber Mulch include:

The Rubber Mulch is made from all rubber from tires, minus wires. Not just treads.
RTP does not use liquid pigment – pulverized pigment
Tire absorbs it because it is porous. Does not absorb liquid pigment.
Liquid can be scraped off with nails. Longer lasting. 7 year color warranty.
More expensive, but is a higher quality product.

Colors available:
Rustic – red/brown
Jungle – red/brown/yellow
Rainbow – red/green/yellow- not for landscaping.
And any of the single colors above used to make the mixture

616 is dust, +4 is larger particulate
Rainbow is +4, 616 is what is used under EPDM
EPDM – color granule
616 needs a cap so that it can bounce, cap is EPDM.

You can clean the finished pour in place with a lite pressure washing as time goes on.

To renew or repour portions that have been set for years, use a hammer to chisel old material out and then repour

Of course Conservastore is your Pour in Place Rubber Mulch HQ
Call us with dimensions of your job and a few pics of the area you wish to renew and we will get you a quote within 24 hrs. If you are a landscaper we will of course consider an installer discount in our pricing.

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