Cabinet Shops – Have You Considered Tapmaster?

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Do you run a neighborhood cabinet shop where your aim is to offer a great experience for your customers to shop for cabinets and embellish the look of their kitchen?

If Yes, you may or may not get into the plumbing side of the cabinet sale and install.

We recommend you strongly consider selling the Tapmaster Hands Free Hydraulic Faucet control as an add on to any Kitchen cabinet sale.

The Tapmaster Euro model is probably the model you would be happiest offering.

The Euro version has a single operator post that can be moved easily with your foot and locked into place for the various water temp you desire. The model 1775 or Conservsatore model 01-0274 is the most popular model by far

Some more advantages of the Tapmaster for your customers include:

– Made in North America
– Tremendous factory support. This factory is quite responsive in making your user experience a success and will work with you on any mal functioning part
– Easy install-could be done by homeowner but if the entire cabinet install is being performed by your company either one of your handyfolks or the plumber hired to hook up the faucet can make the Tapmaster live
– The Tapmaster Euro 1775 comes in brushed nickel finish only but the 1750 model is available in 3 different colors for your choice

The Euro model’s unique soft rubber multi-directional activator is easy on your feet and easy to use no matter what angle you are approaching your sink at. Simply press the activator in any direction to activate water flow. In addition, the Model 1775 may be locked into the “on” position by pushing the activator to either side until it locks. The Euro activator requires a very light touch making it well suited to use with bare feet.

By offering the Tapmaster to your customers you are giving them the opportunity for a water saving experience while increasing the amount of the sale to your store or shop.

You can find a selection of Tapmaster Hands-Free Faucet Controls at!

Visit our Tapmaster Central page where you can more information about the Tapmaster.

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  1. Jacob Tabor

    I just ordered mine for my kitchen reno going on now. We got two of the kickplate tap masters (the cold/warm/hot kick plate) for the main sink and a single kickplate for the prep sink in the island. We decided on the kickplate vs the euro because it had a larger "tap" area. With a lot of people in the kitchen we didnt want them playing footsie too much, plus we figured it was an easier learning curve. In any case, there is not to much material out there for the tapmaster besides going to gardenweb. (THS). If not for them I would have never came across this product. We bought it for convienience and efficiency. I know it will save us water too, specially we are on septic but that was not the major reason for this device. Its just smart and everyone should have one. I believe it will change the way we cook to be more clean, faster and maybe less messy. Time will tell, but I agree with your post. These should be promoted much more than they are by cabinet makers, plumbers, contractors, etc.

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