Cleaning the House – Sounds Easy but its NOT!

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Clean but with a Purpose…

We all know the spring cleaning sayings and the winter stocking up and organizing encouragements, but those are periodical. When it comes to weekly and everyday cleaning, that can be the tiring part. We want to briefly discuss eco-friendly ways of cleaning and not using harmful products in the home as well things you can do to make your life a little bit easier with the task of daily cleaning! 

Choirs were probably the death of me when I was younger. Especially the smell of bleach and Pine-sol on a Saturday morning meant I wasn’t going to do two things
#1 : sleep in
#2 : go out on the teenage Saturday night festivities if cleaning was not done now.
So to make Momma happy- me and my two sisters were required to get up and clean all the rooms of the house. I was the youngest so I had the least amount of work.

Image result for cleaning scrubbing floorsNow being an adult- the smell of cleanliness like bleach and Pine-sol makes me joyous. It makes me think of cleanliness and happiness. Getting into being more Eco-Friendly sadly, I had to give up the smell of strong Bleach and get the brands that are more eco-friendly and environmentally safe. I rarely paid attention to it before becoming more eco-conscious. Gladly knowing the harmful effects such cleaning products and smells have on the Earth and changing into something more friendly- I can gladly say cleaning has become less of a choir and more of a calming and peaceful time. But let’s be clear… it does take time and sometimes I do not have the time so a cleaning can be put off for weeks.

As a woman cleaning of the house, cleaning is probably something I feel if I do not do it, it’s not done right; especially with a man present. Nothing against a man but cleaning and organization is not a priority on “his” list. I like to know where things go and when I go looking for them to be in the right place; I like the smell of cleanliness like something you just purchased fresh out the box; I like things spot less, seamless, and disrupted even though something has been used numerous times. To say the least the cleaning part of my life as an adult I take serious. Granted, there are men in the world that do clean just as well or better than myself but that “man” do not reside with me. Though he follows the cleaning rules most of the time, I have to lay the law down pretty continuously as a friendly reminder.

Image result for eco friendly cleaning productsAs a woman I also know cleaning can be a good thing to instill in the children and a good reflection on myself as head of the household. I like using products such as Honest, JAWS, and Green Works for most of my products or I will mix a simple water and lemon juice or baking soda on a stubborn stain occasionally. Most of these simple – around the tricks and hacks will help you be eco friendly and freshen up the home. Lemon is a really good substitute for stain remover and/or an odor. Also oranges, any acidic fruit is really a good smell to combine with water and baking soda to do simple everyday cleaning.

According to the HuffintonPost, it doesn’t matter if the woman is a bread winner in the home or not – women tend to do the cleaning more than men regardless of their work and child care load. More so than not gender matters before income or availability. “From 2003 to 2015, men’s participation in food prep and clean up on an average day increase from 35% to 43% and the time spend doing these activities increased from 16 minutes to 21 minutes. During the same time span, the share of women doing housework on an average day decreased from 54%-50%, and the time they spend doing housework declines from 58 minutes to 52 minutes. The data is broken up by gender…” This for me means that what I’ve organized in my house is the same in many homes. I’m not so feminist that I want the work done equally – I just want it done, and done correctly. I think that’s fair enough. Sadly the rest of the story is telling me why that’s not so good for my health: This never-ending workday may have harmful effects on a woman’s health; a recent study found that women who work more than 60 hours a week are at a higher risk of several chronic diseases, while this wasn’t true in men who worked the same amount of time outside the home. And in addition to the health effects of this “second shift” of work women perform, other research shows that women are more likely than men to initiate divorce. This could be because they suffer more from deeply unequal divisions of household chores and childcare, even when both partners work.

Image result for tired of cleaningSo in the long run what should you do? Well I suggest to share the work. Don’t take too much on yourself woman or man and pay attention to your normal body reactions i.e. yawning, falling asleep while doing task, and getting enough sleep. The simple things we say we’re going to do but never do- we have to pay more attention to. And definitely pay attention to the products we are using in the home. We have to do small things that can make a big impact in the long run.

Green and eco-friendly services are important to us and should be important to you. As much as we want you to conserve and say that we provide everything – there’s something we do not. Here’s our spin on women and cleaning – a series that was inspired by the everyday woman. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions and at anytime come over to and get any of the eco- friendly home and essentials like a Water Saving Aerator

As always we’re here to help! Reach out to us for questions comments or concerns.

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