How to increase the frequency of Hand Washing in Hospitals and Medical Care Facilities – Tapmaster could be the answer!

Docs and Hospital and Medical Facility staff are smart folks and are generally trained very well in the USA. But does it not unsettle you a bit when the medical staff comes in to help you without washing their hands?

We feel the increased use of the Tapmaster Hands Free Faucet device in the Medical Community could help decrease disease by making hand washing easier and more available

We have taken portions from an article we read about hand washing or the lack thereof in Medical Facilities

-Washing hands is one of the single most effective ways to prevent the spread of dangerous infections — ranging from pneumonia to MRSA, a life-threatening staph infection — in U.S. hospitals

-Still, hospital workers wash their hands only about 40 to 50 percent of the time, often because it’s inconvenient or they are overwhelmed by other tasks.

-The CDC and the World Health Organization provide guidelines for good hand hygiene, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach to changing bad habits(for hand washing in medical facilities)

Here is the entire article that discusses how Vanderbilt’s Medical School Hospital greatly increased hand washing and lowered disease related to poor hand washing 
Tapmaster has a suite of products well designed for the Medical Community. The Conservastore Central Page helps you make the choice for your situation-please click here

The most popular is the Model 1750 or the Conservastore Model 01-0273-please click here

If you are an architect or plumbing engineer that specs new Medical Community work let us know and we can send you whatever you may need to spec the Tapmaster into your upcoming jobs

If you are a Plumbing Maintenance Professional and feel the Tapmaster will help you meet the goals your Hospital or Medical Facility may have for hand washing or disease reduction please call us or email us for any info you may need 

Is handwashing with Alcohol based foams and sprays better than handwashing with soap and water. We will write about this often in the next few posts so please stay tuned.

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