Quick Green Update by customwordpresssites.com/conservastore Work Week ending December 14, 2018

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The Quick Green Update is a weeks review of items we found interesting in the news or from newsletters we get from organizations or vendors
Obviously we believe in Green Issues and Sustainability but we’re pretty agnostic on political party

Here’s what we found of interest  on Green Related News this week from our reading and  listening:

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Microgrid and BlockChain:
They’re starting to pop up throughout the world
Here’s a great article fr Forbes

Winners: Generally the folks that are lucky enough to have teamed with neighbors to design and install a microgrid
Losers: Utility grid infrastructure and coal and gas interests

Invisible solar panels could eventually power your home

Invisible Solar Panels could marry see through Glass and solar collection in tandem
Here’s an article fr Ars Techica

Winners:Developers who want to couple the power of collecting the sun with their high rise office buildings
Losers:Those interests that hate solar power

Pour-Your-Own Mulch Mat for Commercial Use

Conservastore is happy to offer a new Knowledge Base article on our Molded and Poured Rubber Products of recycled rubber

Poured and molded rubber mulch offers the landscaper or home owner a permanent solution to areas of their yards or jobs that don’t allow for continued pouring of loose wood mulch

See you next week

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