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The Quick Green Update is a weeks review of items we found interesting in the news or from newsletters we get from organizations or vendors
Obviously we believe in Green Issues and Sustainability but we’re pretty agnostic on political party.

Here’s what we found of interest  on Green Related News this week from our reading and  listening:

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The UN Climate conference in Poland ended this week and as with many previous conferences there was an early flourish of promise followed by days with nothing accomplished followed by a few weak promises and plans for the next conference. It’s sorta embarrassing really
Here’s a review

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Thanks to a friend that mentioned this article
Concrete has really  helped build the Industrial world and like coal has given a lotta folks good jobs and the rest of us a product that makes our lives better
BUT at what environmental cost
BBC on The Massive CO2 Emitter you may not know about

Sav-Eco Introductory Water Conservation Kit White

Got Kids or Friends with kids in the ages 7th 8th grade
Our water saving kits are a great item to speak about with this age group about where their water comes from and how fragile a resource water is in most areas. Is also a good time to let them take the product home and install it(with the help of parents) and track the savings. They’ll remember it the rest of their lives and will affect their resource usage
Please see our suite of water saving kits here

We’d like to take this time to wish you all a great Holiday with your family and friends!!

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