Quick Green Update by customwordpresssites.com/conservastore Work Week ending December 28, 2018

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The Quick Green Update is a weeks review of items we found interesting in the news or from newsletters we get from organizations or vendors
Obviously we believe in Green Issues and Sustainability but we’re pretty agnostic on political party.
We just wish the world’s parties would make decisions based on solid well founded analysis that benefits the general majority of the populace. We feel if this happens Sustainability will get a seat at the table

Here’s what we found of interest  on Green Related News this week from our reading and  listening:

Image result for images of plastic bag pollution

The Brits have an ever strengthening rejection of plastic shopping bags. Of course parts of USA states have exhibited the same. If you ever go kayaking in the Everglades or other great bodies of water and see all the bags washed up in the mangroves it sorta gives a pause to how man’s attn to convenience conflicts so strongly with other non human species

Here’s the UK Govt position

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We have always felt the strong 2 party system in the USA can be a detriment to moving the ball forward. Some 1st world countries have very strong multi party governments.
 Heres how the German Green Party has gained great strength the past few years and of course they often have Green issues front and center in their goals

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Conservastore offers a “Shop by Room” Section of our webstore
The point is really for us to help you do an inventory of a given room in your home to make sure you have not forgotten Green options that will save you $ while giving you solid additions to your lifestyle like Water Saving Toilets, LED Light Fixtures, Recycled Molded Rubber products and more.
Check out our Shop by Room here

Happy 2019 to all. Here we go again. Let’s try to treat each other with respect this year and OF COURSE THINK GREENER!!

See you next week

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