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The Quick Green Update is a weeks review of items we found interesting in the news or from newsletters we get from organizations or vendors. 

Measuring Wind fr a Drone is Important for Wind Farm Owners and Managers

As the planet relies more on Green Energy what seems like unimportant tasks say for an oil and gas world model become very important for say for Wind Power. One such task is measuring the wind speed and direction. This company is a leader in offering tools for measuring wind particulars
Here’s an article on what they do

Marketing tips for eco-friendly hotels

A Green Approach to business pays for itself. In Hospitality the initial cost of products to reduce utilities is made up over the years that the products are used in service reducing cost constantly
Here’s a testimony to this from an expert in New England–He calls it the Green Hotel Revolution

Image result for water saving for apartments images
Water Saving for Apartment Management Profitability is very important-We Can Help!

Conservastore is a solutions directed company and we LOVE water saving!!
Are you an apartment complex that wants to save on that gigantic water billl you have? We would like to be involved. Please contact us @ 407 898 2284. We will ask you to retrieve some data on your monthly water utility bill, how many units are in the development and what their plumbing design is, your irrigation system and usage, and if you offer any incentives to residents for water saving and we will be quite pleased to tailor a program and offer a cost to help you reduce the total water usage of your company

See you next week

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