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The Quick Green Update is a weeks review of items we found interesting in the news or from newsletters we get from organizations or vendors. 
Obviously we believe in Green Issues and Sustainability but we’re pretty agnostic on political party.We just wish the world’s parties would make decisions based on solid well founded analysis that benefits the general majority of the populace. We feel if this happens Sustainability will get a seat at the table

Sorry we’ve been a bit slack the past few weeks. Fraid it’s gonna happen on occasion so have patience with us

Also if there is a Green related topic you want us to research for you let us know and we’ll give it a look since we do get a lot of publications across our computer desk

Here’s what we found of interest  on Green Related News this week from our reading and  listening:

Image result for what does water cost in usa images
Water prices in the USA

What does drinkable water cost in the USA
Here’s an interesting graph
Sadly water does not cost much. We say sadly since we feel a 50% jump in the cost of potable 
water would drive an amazing increase in water saving by the populace
Prob is governments are scared to let the price rise since most Americans see economical water as a right.

Image result for jinkosolar images
Jinko has a facility in Fla USA 

Jinko Solar is the largest manufacturer of Solar PV Panels in the world. Since they are Chinese owned is frankly hard to get hard data on their performance
Last summer the Chinese govt which is always intertwined with many of the country’s technology decided enough solar had been made for a while and cut back on subsidies to reduce the demand a bit

This greatly damaged the prospects of JinkoSolar. But today there’s some good news
Jinko was able to show testing for a higher output in their cells that will possibly allow them to raise their prices a bit
Here’s the article

Roll Out Rubber Mucl 18" x 6 ft by Conserv-A-Store
Conservastore Roll Out Rubber Mulch–is recycled content

The Conservastore Edge Border and Roll out Rubber Mat of recycled rubber tires is a great solution for many places in the yard, garden, or community property where other previous attempted solutions such as loose wood or loose rubber mulch, stones and rocks, pine straw etc just does not offer a permanent solution
Here’s a note from the factory we use on how the rubber is sorted and made ready to help you
Particle size – Raw material originates as 100% recycled commercial waste stream rubber called buffing. A buffing sieve analysis is performed prior to the materials being colored and bagged. We selectively classify our recycled buffing material, and carefully sort particle sizes ranging from 3/8” to 2”. It is necessary to have the right combination and proportionate particle sizes so the finished product weaves and knits together by design.”Conservastore and the factory then use a self developed process to add binder to the rubber and then cut it uniformly to the sizes you need
Here’s our Edge Border
Here’s our Roll out Rubber Mulch
As with all of our products if you live in an apt but feel this product would help your friends that own a home please pass it on to them or pass on to your apt grounds crew as well

See you next week
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