Quick Green Update by customwordpresssites.com/conservastore Work Week ending January 4th 2019

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The Quick Green Update is a weeks review of items we found interesting in the news or from newsletters we get from organizations or vendors. 
Obviously we believe in Green Issues and Sustainability but we’re pretty agnostic on political party.We just wish the world’s parties would make decisions based on solid well founded analysis that benefits the general majority of the populace. We feel if this happens Sustainability will get a seat at the table

Here’s what we found of interest  on Green Related News this week from our reading and  listening:

First of all Happy New Year–Feel that’s one holiday all humans acknowledge and celebrate
Of course the Lunar New Year is next in about a month

We will from time to time focus on a Green Sustainable Security Stock or Bonds. Many people are loaded with oil and gas in their investment portfolios but Sustainable companies can make you $$

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Vestas is the Danish wind power manufacturer Their stock symbol is VWDRY
Their stock had a nice last few months in year 2018 although the entire year showed only a small increase

Green Power is a bit disintegrated from an investments point of view
You have pure manufacturers like Vestas but these manufacturers will often do installs as well
Then you have install only companies that do not manufacture and then you have consolidators that may partner with the developer of the project or actually be the developer of the project. Then you have the Chinese Govt which is the big tuna in the room since they affect how much production they allow Chinese companies to produce and these companies are the largest manufacturers of sustainable energy on the planet
We’ll try to keep you up to date

Recycled Rubber Mulch Mat Square 5 ft x 5 ft by Conserv-A-Store
5Ft x 5Ft Square Rubber Tree Protector Mat

Conservastore has a large suite of Recycled Tire Mulch products both molded ie manufactured and for pouring at the job site
Here’s our category for these products
We would be glad to help you with our own personal solution-can you give us an idea of the square footage involved and possibly a pic of the area and we’ll suggest a solution

Here’s a few more articles we found of interest for you:
Our Universe could be an expanding Bubble

China lands on the dark side of the Moon

See you next week

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