Tapmaster for Medical Facilities and Doctors Offices

We enjoy selling the Tapmaster  Hands Free Faucet Assistant product because it fits what we try to do at our store so well.

It is all of these:

It is an easy install. We suggest you consult a plumbing professional if you are unfamiliar with what happens underneath your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. But if you enjoy tools and working with your hands, you can install a Tapmaster generally within 2 hours. The Tapmaster has no electrical parts.

Good value for the cost
When you think of all the water you will save over the years of life of the product, your Tapmaster is a gigantic money saver

Saves water and is thereby a very Green product
Our store is all about saving resources. We ALL (yes including Conservastore personnel) waste more water than we should. Tapmaster is just a small tool in an arsenal we all need to save more water. Of course for those on municipal water, saving water automatically means saving $$$.

Is made in North America
We sell products that are  manufactured all over the world but if we had our choice we’d probably only sell products made in North America where we live and work. The transportation costs are less for products made in North America and pollution controls on manufacturing are a lot stronger in North America. Tapmaster is majority made in Alberta, Canada.

We get some very nice orders for this product and may we thank those that have favored us with their business right now – THANKS

Most of the orders are to 2 major market segments: 

Homeowners who do a lot of cooking: They will use the product under the main sink in their kitchen and it saves them money in water bills and adds convenience to the busy life most folks require while cooking at home.

Dental offices: Well it’s good to see that dentists wash their hands a lot. That can only help disease prevention greatly and contributes to why America has the best dental community in the world.

The one major segment we do not see much demand is perhaps the segment that needs it the most…….The Medical Community


Here’s how a Tapmaster looks in a Clinical Setting

We are a bit concerned about this situation since we continue to read articles that say all in the medical community should wash their hands more

Of course surgeons show great perspicacity in hand washing since guess that’s the way they were taught. There are  pedal style hands free faucets largely made by Chicago faucet all over most hospital operating rooms. They work very well and prevent a lot of disease

But what about the thousands of other hand washing opportunities that should be available in medical facilities from Hospitals to Doctor’s offices to Senior Centers
Slate magazine writes in 2/24/10,
” in hospitals, just half of doctors and nurses regularly clean their hands before patient care, despite widespread publicity. More worrisome: In hospitals where massive educational efforts have increased hand-washing rates from 40 percent up to 70 percent, there has been no overall reduction in infection rates. Even in highly regulated places like hospitals, the promising benefits of hand-washing remain largely unrealized.”

You do find a lot of spray goop stations as we call them in a lot of  medical facilities but it is still unclear if this goop provides the same disease protection as good old solid hand washing.

Article saying hand sanitizers are as good as hand washing

Forum saying Hand Washing with soap and hot water is still the way to go

Docs and nurses and technical assistant staff all see a lot of patients each day and are usually in a great hurry to get it all done. But preventing disease surely should be one of their top priorities in patient care.
If Tapmasters as pictured above are easily found throughout the medical community we feel more hand washing would be done just because it’s easy and more infection would be prevented benefiting us all

Conservastore is a well known distributor of Tapmaster products in the USA. Let us know how we may help you choose the correct model for your particular requirement

To maintenance and install personnel of Medical Facilities: If you have never used or are unfamiliar with the Tapmaster product please call us and we will answer any question you may have. We can send you any specification or install data you desire.

Visit our Tapmaster Central page where you can more information about the Tapmaster.

Need to get a Tapmaster? Check out our Conservastore Tapmaster Category

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