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From TOTO to Gallons Per Flush we know it all about Toilets! You Should Too!

Today we’d like to give you a quick update on the state of very lowest flow water saving toilets
You’re thinking wow that sounds interesting ha ha but in that we sell a lot of toilets folks are always asking us what’s the best toilet to get to save the most water? We thought we’d help out

Image result for google epa approvedDid u know:
“Toilets are the main source of water use in the home, accounting for nearly 30 percent of an average home’s indoor water consumption.” thanks EPA for that stat

Toilets are generally rated by their GPF(ER a graphic perhaps) which stands for gallons per flush—european and asian toilets may also have liters per flush-to get the gallons mult by 3.75—So for every flush of your toilet your literally dropping the equivalent of a 1-2 gallon bottle of FRESH water down the drain–not good ehh since that fresh water is hard to come by in some parts

The standard toilet sold today is generally 1.6gpf or gallons per flush. The next lowest toilet is 1.28gpf. You may hear these referred to as Watersense toilets. Thats an EPA standard for moderate water saving toilets
The 1.28 is now code in about 5 states in the USA

You’ll hear the term UHET which stands for ultra high efficiency toilet. It uses 1.0gpf or less water
We feel these are the only TRULY water saving toilets and the only water saving toilet you should purchase

We are often asked. Well great they use little water but do they work????
Lets cover that question now as we look at possible manufacturers for you to consider a purchase from

Toto the Japanese manufacturer of plumbing ware makes a fabulous suite of UHET 1.0 or less gpf toilets and are readily available as are their parts

The entry level Toto 1.0 gpf toilets include the Drake, Carlyle, and Vespin.


The majority of the Toto line is what is called gravity flush. A bit old fashioned in that the water flows down the bowl trapway and out into the sewer just by the fact that the tank water is higher than the bowl. But Toto’s engineering is so superior that they are able to remove waste with the 1.0gpf only, very successfully

Now Toto is world renowned for making some very neat toilets. U say whats so neat about a toilet-well they offer systems that can warm ur bottom, clean ur bottom without paper and many other features But in that we’re discussing water saving we’ll mention one of their higher end largely one piece-that means one piece of material 1.0 gpf toilets. This is the NeoRest series

Their design is fabulous–sorry we just get excited about water saving toilets!!

We can gladly help you with Toto products-just ask us! Watch the video below to learn more about TOTO


Kohler the American plumbingware manufacturer has a nice selection of 1.0 gpf toilets in gravity flush but more importantly in what’s called POWERFLUSH. We personally feel power flush may be the way to go for water saving toilets. A power flush system uses an air water mixture to effectively give the waste a boost down the trapway into the sewer line.
The tank of the powerflush system does not have traditional guts–its just a big bladder tank. Yes these powerflush can be a bit louder but they DO the job


The Kohler Highline and San Raphel toilets are economical 1.0 gpf  powerflush units and have a good look so are good ones to consider

We’d be glad to help you with Kohler 1.0 gpf powerflush toilets-just ask us!

There are other great manufacturers out there such as American Standard, ProFlo, Niagara, and Saniflo that offer ultra lowest water saving toilets as well

We will update this video in a few months since toilets do change pretty often but as of June 2018 this is a fair coverage of what’s out there…

There is a move to tankless toilets where the water source is housed in the wall with no tank but that will take a bit to be standard

Come to for your UhET lowest water usage toilet needs-

We Wanna Help!

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