The Point Scale of a Good vs Bad Product

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Economic Value vs Comfort Value vs Green Factors

When it comes to owning a product that claims to be “green” or “eco-friendly” many consumers may at first be skeptical. As we at Conservastore are consumers of a products just like you, we examined the top three reason a customer would want to make a eco conscious product purchase vs a product that may have no sustainability value at all. 

We feel the purchase decision falls into three important headings: Economic Value, Comfort Value, and Green Value. 

Economic Value (On a scale from 1 being not much economic value to 10 being the most economic value a product can have)

The value a product is the measure or benefit provided by a product to an economic agent. It is generally measure relative to the unit of currency and interpretation which can be calculated by “the maximum money a customer is willing to pay for that specific product compared to the benefits and usage of the products in the consumers way of usage.” For more of the products listed in our website the benefit of the products can drastically change when replacing old or outdated products with low/lowest flow products on the website. Our market values are one of the most competitive in the market and are THE LOWEST when buying in bulk a product can be offered to a consumer. We pride ourselves on offering the most competitive price for numerous reasons; the main reason being who we are as a company. You shouldn’t have to pay a lot of money in order to save money. The value of a product is connected to the price that item cost to make so when we offer products to our consumers we do not make up our prices 50-80% like some other big box brands do. We keep out prices low to be affordable for consumers as well as encourage consumers to purchase more eco friendly products from us. That’s the green way!

Comfort Value (On a scale from 1 being not much comfort value to 10 being the most amount of comfort value a product can have)

The comfort value a product provides is more of a response rate that customers have provided and from personal experience we have seen in our own practices with low flow items. Comfort is something we all at one point of another have purchased a product for and maybe be the number one reason why a product is eventually purchased. We put so much emphasis on comfort because any other option would be discomfort and this could be the end of a streak quickly. The set of comfort we seek; once with live without it; is something we don’t want to live without. Can you imagine not having the comfort of the remote controller? Exactly, we can’t either. So when it comes to a low flow item that can save you money, time, comfort, energy, AND be eco-conscious we think most would go for ALL OF THE ABOVE! Comfort is important for repeat use and especially long term usage. This is why we think it’s important to sell products to our customers that have the highest level of comfort.

Green Value (On a scale from 1 being not much eco conscious value to 10 being the most amount eco conscious use a product can have)

Being “green” or “eco conscious” is not necessarily a buying factor that is number one on majority of customer’s buying influence. Though some may not think about it when purchasing, others think only about it when purchasing. We are a eco and green directed online store so it is our main goal to inform customers to buy green over others; sometimes more expensive products; on the market. The green value will tell customers how much green a person can save, as well as the mkaing of the products in a green manner. Some products are made outside of the USA made in uneco friendly manners as well as using non recyclable or damage to the Earth products to make other products. We believe in sustainability and circular economy usage of products so the last of every product ends up to be long term. Being and making eco friendly products is not hard, it just take some dedication and diligence to make it a goal. Our products are green because they are good for the environment and/or we make from recycled materials that would have otherwise been in a landfill. That’s our goal, these are out products, and we believe in Saving the Planet…. Do you?

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