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Rubber Mulch Tree Rings and Mulch Mats

Stop Throwing Money Away with Wood Mulch

Rubber Mulch and Mulch Mats are a thing most people see on the picture perfect lawns and landscapes but might not know it. Rubber Mulch, looks and feels as wood mulch but it is more eco friendly, durable, and cost effective. We think it’s ridiculous to spend 10 times as much on wood mulch as you would on rubber mulch in a year. Though the cost may be high up front, the lasting of the rubber mulch will be years to come. Rubber mulch and mulch mats are more than just the regular mulch, though it is artificial mulch, it still acts like shredded mulch but it’s shredded tire mulch. They are permeable and do not stain the soil underneath where you lay it. Whether you want a conventional look or a rugged look, with the rubber mulch and the pour you own mulch, you can achieve both. Recycled rubber tree rings & mulch mats also prevent weed growth but allow water and nutrients to drip thru. Conserv-A-Store offers the broadest selection of tree mats of recycled rubber content. We have 24" thru 60" tree rings in the heavy duty weights as well as different colors. We have rectangular and square mats in 3ft x 20ft, 4ft x 4ft, 5ft x 5ft and 4ft x 8ft available sizes and colors as well when ordering in bulk. Our best selected by customers rubber mulch product is our pour your own mulch at your location for irregular or regular sized jobs. This pour your own allows you to be creative and design your landscape the way you truly want to. We ask you to call us or email us to discuss your job if you have any questions or the job is larger than just your home.
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24" Recycled Rubber Mulch Tree Ring Mat 36" Recycled Rubber Mulch Tree Ring Mat Edge Border - Recycled Rubber
The 24" Rubber Mulch Tree Ring mat is a versatile size for many of the favorite trees in your yard. This material can be shaped a bit with a knife to fit many tree trunk sizes. Quantity Discounts available The 36" Rubber Mulch Tree Ring Mat of recycled rubber is the most useful size for the homeowner. It will fit around most of the trees in your yard. A ConservAStore Best Seller! Quantity Discounts available Edge Border creates a 4.5 inch border around landscape beds and gardens, eliminating the need for edging. Made from 80% of recycled tires.
Roll Out Rubber Mucl 24" x 6 ft Brown Earthtone Rubberific Timber Playground Border 30" Recycled Rubber Tree Ring Mat Heavy Pattern
We are currently out of this product and unsure when it will be in stock
Consider using our product # 02-0165A
Easy Gardener Roll Out Rubber Mulch is an all-in-one product that answers two major gardening concerns, mulching and weed control.
The Rubberific Timber Borders provide better support to playgrounds and gardens than normal plastic or wood. These borders are 100% recycled and low maintaince upon install. Heavy Weave Tree Ring mulch mats relieve the homeowner or landscaper of needing to worry about mulch blowing away in the wind or washing away with the rain. This is a good size for young saplings or a tree whose diameter will not grow that large in it's life
Square Recycled Rubber Mulch Weed Mat 4x4 48" Recycled Rubber Tree Ring Mat Heavy Pattern 60" Recycled Rubber Mulch Tree Ring Mat Heavy Pattern
4 Ft x 4 Ft square recycled rubber mulch mats help the homeowner in the back yard or the professional landscaper with their largest account. It's all about solutions.

Rubber Tree Ring Mats of Recycled Rubber Material are a Win Win since they offer recycling of base material, protect your favorite trees, and allow water percolation. This mat is a monster for your most trafficked areas or where mowers are a problem. It is 1" thick and 48" diameter and is brown or in a mixed rainbow color Rubber Tree Ring Mats of Recycled Material are a Win Win since they offer recyling of base material, protect tour favorite trees, and allow water percolation. This mat is a monster for your most trafficked areas or where the mowers are a problem. it is 1" thick and 60" diameter and comes in brown or black or a mixed rainbow color.
Swing Safe Mat of Recycled Rubber Recycled Rubber Mulch Mat Square 5 ft x 5 ft Pour-Your-Own Mulch Mat for Commercial Use
The Rainbow Turf Swing Mat is a high density mat comprised of 100% recycled waste stream content. The mats size is perfect to accommodate an occupied swing pattern. 5 ft x 5 ft Mulch Weed Mats fit many tree wells at schools and institutional areas but are handy in the residential back yard as well This pour in place mulch is so doggone handy it gives the user unlimited options so the need to place mulch every 6 mos is negated. Are you a municipality looking to free up staff for jobs other than laying mulch? Are you a school or college with irregular areas that require mulch? Are you a landscaper that has areas of a customers  property that will just not hold mulch? Do you own a park or playground in need of pathways or protective padding? Pour in place is for you.
Pour-Your-Own Mulch Mat for Residential Use Rectangular Recycled Rubber Mulch Weed Mat 3x20
Do you want to go the rubber mulch mat route for your garden or other landscaping projects, but you need an irregular size or shape? ConservAStore has your solution. Pour your own mulch mat! This very long mulch mat solves so many problems for the homeowner and landscape professional. Cut-it, shape-it, make it work for you! We also offer a Pour your own mat if the size you need is irregular.

We gathered the top ten reasons you should use rubber mulch:
1. It’s safe for loose fill surfaces
2. Does not harbor bugs
3. Eco friendly
4. Cost effective / Money Saving
5. Durable and long lasting.
6. Rich color that doesn’t fade easily.
7. Never will freeze in colder conditions
8. Weather resistant
9. Stronger/heavier than wood mulch
10. Pour Your Own will stay in place when cutting/weed eating the grass.
Now if those reasons don’t persuade you then maybe a little bit more information will give you the push. Did you know Rubber Mulch is safe for your dogs and children to be around. Granted we do not suggest it’s Fido’s new chew toy, but it is chemical and and metal free. Granted, rubber mulch may have it’s downfalls such as being artificial which some people do not enjoy, but rubber mulch is encouraged by the federal government to be used versus wood mulch, especially for a playground base for the children. It’s undoubtedly the best thing to put under a play swing set especially for daring and explorative children. The biggest complaint or inquiry we hear is, is it toxic? And the answer to that is yes but it is equally as toxic as anything else that is not properly cared for. The toxicity level is below wood mulch however why it is thus more eco friendly. Re-mulching is a tedious process that no one wants to keep doing or keep paying for. You shouldn’t have to pay for mulch every 2-3 months with us. Once you buy, sadly, the only time you will be returning is for more trees and places to use rubber mulch. Check out the price analysis below. You can guess which one is consistent and which mulch is skyrocketing. We have more tricks and tips on how you can save our beautiful planet at www.blog.conservastore.com. Feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates and information from us to help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via info@conservastore.com - we’ll be glad to help you figure out quantity, type, or even design ideas that can be used for your living room remodeling ideas. Watch our blog for the easiest re-use of normal items that can be re-used or tips and tricks for being more eco-friendly in your home at www.blog.conservastore.com. If you happen to be in Central Florida where home is for us, we would be glad to suggest a licensed professional to install any of our products for you. The Green Solutions for Your Life!