Large size rubber mulch mats for commercial use by: Landscape designers, Landscape maintenance professionals, General contractors, and Developers

Recycled Rubber Mulch Mats

Conserv-A-Store is proud to offer you Mulch Mats of Recycled Tires in Square and Rectangular dimensions. These are very handy products since they can help you anywhere in the home yard or commercial landscaping venues but have also been used for walkways, dog runs, anywhere that a solid permeable solution is needed. Conserv-A-Store is perhaps one of the only re-sellers of this type item in the USA. The product is designed and manufactured in the Space Coast of Florida. Brown is the easiest color to order but a Rainbow color is available as well. The base mats are very heavy and thick but a premium super heavy and thick version is also available. Please measure the size of the job you are contemplating before deciding which mat to use.

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Square Recycled Rubber Mulch Mat 4 ft x 4 ft

Rectangular Recycled Rubber Mulch Mat 4 ft x 8 ft

Rectangular Recycled Rubber Mulch Mat 3 ft x 20 ft

Recycled Rubber Mulch Mat Square 5 ft X 5 ft

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Recycled Rubber Mulch Mat Square 5 ft x 5 ft

The 5ft x 5ft Square Mulch Mat of Recycled Tire Rubber is perfect for schools, institutions, event venues, health care facilities wherever a landscape architect has specified a 5 ft x 5 ft tree well.
It can also be a good size for the backyard of your home since it will surround a rather large tree that a tree ring may not cover.

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