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Conserv-A-Store's selection of lowest flow shower heads will help you save water & lower your water bill. Conserv-A-Store offers some nice looking heads that get the job done but offer excellence in appearance. We suggest you use 1.25 or 1.50 gallon per minute(gpm) shower heads since they offer the most water savings.  Free shipping on most Conserv-A-Store shower heads.  Thanks for thinking of Conserv-A-Store as your Water Saving Lowest Flow Shower Head HQ
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01-0011 01-0197 Very Economical Chrome/White 1.5gpm(gallon per minute) Water Saving Shower Head
Now you can know how long you're taking in the shower thanks to this 5 minute earth sand timer. Free ShippingUse this flow control for older showerheads and enable them to start saving water & money today. Choose this Premier model 1.5gpm shower head for the value and classic look of a single setting head that offers great water saving and a nice look and quality
Niagara Earth Low Flow Massage 1.25 GPM Showerhead Low Flow 2.50 GPM Button style Soap & Soak Shower head 1.5 GPM Shower head with Soak & Soap Option
This Niagara Earth Low Flow Massage 1.25 GPM Showerhead is a great source of water saving in the bathroom. With the twist nozzle, you are able to control how much water flows from the showerhead. Easily installed, this water saving device can quickly replace you old showerhead.
This low flow shower head is rated 2.50 GPM but offers great water savings for hotels, motels, or property managers due to the trickle only button This Earth Massage 1.5 GPM(gallon per minute) Showerhead includes a Soak & Soap On/Off Switch. Uses 40% less water than the standard 2.5 GPM model.
Low Flow TriMax Showerhead  0.5/1.0/1.5 GPM 3-function shower head, 1.5 GPM,chrome. Luxury Water Saving Shower Head 1.5GPM
Niagara's revolutionary TriMax Showerhead features three adjustable spray settings for optimal task performance and maximum water savings.
This deluxe shower-head is adjustable 3-ways: massage, stream,
direct. Perfect for after sports, casual, or targeted stream.
Water-saving, chrome-made, 1.5 GPM.
It's hard to find water saving and luxury in a low flow shower head. This 1.5 GPM head provides a great look, quality, and water saving as well.
Earth 1.50 GPM Low Flow Chrome Handheld Massage Personal Shower head Sprite Royale Filtered Showerhead
Low Flow(1.5gallons per minute) Personal Shower heads follow the contour of your body AND you save water AND money too! The Sprite Royale Filtered Showerhead will remove chlorine and other particples from your water when you shower, giving you a relaxing & safe shower.
Folks Installing a Lowest Flow Shower head is a "Piece of Cake"!!
Men, Women, Teens, All can do it!!

Please just be careful since you will perhaps be on a ladder or chair
Here's a great Youtube to get you started Please click here