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Save Water PromoLow Flow Shower Heads Can Save You Money on Water and Energy

Conserv-A-Store's selection of lowest flow water saving shower heads will help you save water & lower your water bill. Conserv-A-Store offers some nice looking heads that get the job done and are also pleasing to the ey. Others we offer, are simple, get the job done, type of shower heads. You can choose to be simple or intricate in the design you want, all while still saving money and water. Water conservation is important to us as it should be to any homeowner or a person who has an apartment/condo. We suggest you use 1.25 or 1.50 gallon per minute(gpm) shower heads since they offer the most water savings and are most water efficient and energy efficient. It used to be that shower heads use 3-5 gallons of water per minute but now there are lowest flow shower heads that conserve so much more water these days. We offer Free shipping on most Conserv-A-Store shower heads and you can also buy in bulk and get a discounted price. Please give us an email to check for inventory in bulk or bulk pricing we offer. Thanks for thinking of Conserv-A-Store as your Water Saving Lowest Flow Shower Head Head Quarters and if you are looking for more tips and tricks, head over to this wonderful site( http://www.plumbinghqfl.com/ ) that provides more information, tips, and tricks for saving water in your home!

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01-0011 Earth Shower 5 Minute Timer

Now you can know how long you're taking in the shower thanks to this 5 minute earth sand timer.

01-0197 Showerhead Energy Saving Flow Control

Free ShippingUse this flow control for older showerheads and enable them to start saving water & money today.

Niagara Earth Low Flow Massage 1.25 GPM Showerhead Niagara Earth Low Flow Massage 1.25 GPM Showerhead

This Niagara Earth Low Flow Massage 1.25 GPM Showerhead is a great source of water saving in the bathroom. With the twist nozzle, you are able to control how much water flows from the showerhead. Easily installed, this water saving device can quickly replace you old showerhead.

Very Economical Chrome/White 1.5gpm(gallon per minute) Water Saving Shower Head Very Economical Chrome/White 1.5gpm(gallon per minute) Water Saving Shower Head

Choose this Premier model 1.5gpm shower head for the value and classic look of a single setting head that offers great water saving and a nice look and quality

Low Flow 2.50 GPM Button style Soap & Soak Shower head Low Flow 2.50 GPM Button style Soap & Soak Shower head

This low flow shower head is rated 2.50 GPM but offers great water savings for hotels, motels, or property managers due to the trickle only button

1.5GPM Chrome Massage Shower head Earth 1.50 GPM Niagara Low Flow Chrome Massage Showerhead

This showerhead limits the flow to just 1.50 gpm, and the adjustable spray delivers a broad, rain-like spray or a focused, massaging spray.

1.5 GPM Shower head with Soak & Soap Option Earth 1.50 GPM Niagara Low Flow Massage Showerhead with Soak & Soap On/Off Option

This Earth Massage 1.5 GPM(gallon per minute) Showerhead includes a Soak & Soap On/Off Switch. Uses 40% less water than the standard 2.5 GPM model.

Low Flow TriMax Showerhead  0.5/1.0/1.5 GPM Low Flow TriMax Showerhead 0.5/1.0/1.5 GPM

Niagara's revolutionary TriMax Showerhead features three adjustable spray settings for optimal task performance and maximum water savings.

Luxury Water Saving Shower Head 1.5GPM Luxury Water Saving Showerhead 1.5GPM Chrome

It's hard to find water saving and luxury in a low flow shower head. This 1.5 GPM head provides a great look, quality, and water saving as well.

3-function shower head, 1.5 GPM,chrome. PREMIER® 3-FUNCTION SHOWERHEAD, 1.5 GPM, CHROME

This deluxe shower-head is adjustable 3-ways: massage, stream,
direct. Perfect for after sports, casual, or targeted stream.
Water-saving, chrome-made, 1.5 GPM.

Earth 1.50 GPM Low Flow Chrome Handheld Massage Personal Shower head Earth 1.50 GPM Low Flow Chrome Handheld Massage Personal Showerhead

Low Flow(1.5gallons per minute) Personal Shower heads follow the contour of your body AND you save water AND money too!


Folks Listen: Installing a Lowest Flow Shower Heads is a "PIECE OF CAKE"! Men, women, or even teenagers can do it with ease! With a little bit of guidence and proper installing information, you can be done installing a new one in less than ten minutes.

Install a low flow shower head can not only help you reduce your water usage but save you money on your water bill. IT's no wonder why it' been at the forefront of most water saving initiative and definitely encouraged by your energy provider because 25% or more is dedicated to your showering needs. These shower heads are good for your home because they have a smarter design to still efficiently provide the amount of water pressure you want but still reduce the amount of water needed to produce the same result. High pressure or low pressure shower heads are not necessarily a thing when you get pressure and use less water. Regardless of your view point on the importance of such things like water saving shower heads, water conservation can immensely help you as a homeowner. Installing one in your home in every bathroom can reduce your water usage in the home by over 40%. You will start seeing lower bills and be glad you made the switch sooner than later. Not only will you save water and money on your water bill you will see a change in your energy bill as well. As water needs to be heated, the energy needed will be reduced since you are now using less water. Again, still getting the same end result, but getting there the smarter way... Making a better decision starts now. Pick your choice of our best high pressure and water efficient shower heads from above; handheld shower heads or mounted shower heads; your choice. We're here to help should you have any questions.
Since we can about your well-being, Please be careful when using a ladder, step stool, or chair to install higher height shower heads.